Zero budget branding

Few years ago, Thompson grew sick and tired of the messy graphics around him and the audacity with which they dotted the city, so he started a journey into art directing. He tried his hands on a few design softwares, though was amazing at design.

While he was directing the production of ads, he found the problem wasn’t just with a single channel, it was a multichannel challenge, as he was busy creating ads to get people show up at a business premise, website or event that was deployed wrongly. So, he decided to go to the root and deal with the basic construction of perception which will affect every channel of brand communication. there, he became a brand strategist.

For about 10 years of playing in this space, he has created multiple frameworks and tools for uncovering brand essence, clarifying brand journey and simplifying brand communication.

No wonder he is regarded as the mayor of branding, and the ultimate mindgictian.

Because of his desire to do more with brands, he is launching my book, “Zero Budget Branding”, a guide for challenger brands to grow into market leadership.

Zero budget branding

Excerpts from Mr Gidyon

On Branding:

√ Differentiation is the cheapest but most ignored service on a brand development invoice. You only need to spend your thoughts and ideas to craft a unique identity for your business.

√ Never enter into the marketplace with a plan to do the same thing your competitors are doing. Your business is dead prior arrival!

√ Because Africans operate with a collectivist culture, we tend to fall a prey of doing what others are doing. Radical differentiation is not the norm in African culture. This cultural constraint manifest in the way Africans approach business.

Zero budget branding

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On Business:

√ If you want to attain market leadership, long term strategy is your best bet.

√ Long term objectives is the most beneficial strategy a business can leverage on. You can build competitive leverage in new categories that will give you first mover advantage. Think GTBank and Ndani TV and the rest that came along later (red TV, Accelerate TV). Also think GTBank and USSD banking and the rest that came along to eat the crumbs.

√ Stop chasing Clients. Building tribes and brand evangelists. It will cut your customer acquisition budget with a guarantee of repeat sales.

√ If you have to choose, always choose results over creating a buzz. Buzz will eventually die down, but results will ensure your business is sustained.

Zero budget branding

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On Music:

√ The Nigerian music industry needs institutions for sustainability. The pockets of small record labels all over the place will weaken the industry’s relevance.

√ Music is entertainment only at facevalue but there is an undercurrent of strategy and deep thinking that goes into signing deals and sustaining buzz.

√ Wannabe Artistes should not just aspire to blow. They should plan to create a body of work that creates paradigm shifts in the industry.

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On Industry:

√ Agencies need to stop the overuse of strategy. It’s becoming a pattern

√ Half-baked strategy can’t be helped by the most brilliant creatives. Stop depending on creatives to gloss poorly formed strategy.

√ The Marcomms industry has a lot to learn from the music industry in terms of Co-creation, Openness, Cult-like Following and Brand associations.

√ Chase accounts but also make sure you own at least a product (digital, media, experiential, knowledge economy) that you can use to build a tribe.

On Zero Budget Branding:

A practical manual written by Gidyon Thompson to help entrepreneurs build winning brands. Click the link below to pre-order at

Beyond anything else! Strive for meaningful connection with your target audience.

That connection is certainly the presentation of your core brand message to the relevant audiences through your several touch points.

When done right, your brand will command an habitual and perpetual obedience from them.

Building that desired brand is possible with a zero budget.

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