Yali Abia Empowers Female Secondary School Students

Yali Abia is an arm of Yali Network – The Young African Leadership Initiative.

Yali is a platform for young African leaders who are passionate about the growth of their communities.

Yali provides a platform where these leaders can take causes and develop themselves.

The YALI serves is a community engagement platform on the YALI network where these leaders embark on community service.

YALI Network provides members with invaluable opportunities to connect with other leaders in their community and to learn from experts in their field as well as organising community development projects.

Yali Abia

Yali Abia in her service to humanity hosted a project one – girl – one – pad, in a rural community secondary school.

Menstrual health and it’s importance is one subject matter that should be treated amongst all young females.

Good gracious, YALI Abia saw the need to organise the project one girl one pad.

Yali Abia

The project was carried out in Ehere Community Secondary School, Opobo road, Azumini, Aba.

The female students and a few teachers gained the knowledge shared and received a pack of Angel pad each.

Topic for discourse was “Menstrual Health and it’s Importance”

Yali Abia

Excerpts include :

Menstruation is the flow of blood from the Uterus through the vagina which occurs in every female at every child bearing age.

Every young female, during menstruation should be conscious of her health. It’s pertinent to bath at least twice, change pad every 6 to 8 hours, use deodorants to curb body odour, keep inner wears clean and so on.

To reduce cramps, young females should avoid taking much sugar or sugary edibles and should exercise often.

Young females should understand their cycle, safe and unsafe period,  ovulation and the likes.  РDesire Kings

Anticipate more productive projects from Yali Network.



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