WhatsApp Latest Features

WhatsApp latest features: deleting messages, low data mode, waiting for a call.

WhatsApp now has feature will automatically delete the message and make it look like a missing message.

WhatsApp serves to stream some of the features available to Android and iOS users

Here are some recent updates you need to know.

WhatsApp is constantly updating its software to incorporate caregiver functions, providing users with messaging and hands-free experience. Some features are still being developed, but some have been updated as stable updates for Android and iOS users.

Delete message:

The ‘ feature has also hit beta versions of iOS and 24.

This feature will be available for group chats and is for administrators only. The feature, when available, will automatically delete messages after a certain amount of time and make sure that the message does not exist.

Additionally, WhatsApp brought this feature as a “cleaning tool” for the group.

WhatsApp latest features

Groups are usually messages, and this feature can help save your phone, automatically deleting old messages (only administrators can enable / disable them),” the blog said.

Once available, the ‘Delete Message’ feature will be available with the power on / off button and the user can select specific times for the message to disappear automatically. You can choose between five hours: 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year. As a result, messages sent to these conversations will be lost. For example, if the user selects the one-hour interval, then the message will be deleted after an hour has passed.

However, it is important to know that there is no official announcement when it comes out. Also, there has been no word on the release date of Fashion and this feature has been around for some time.

Low data mode:

This is a new update for iOS users. Previously, the low-cost data usage feature was only available during WhatsApp calls, but these features are being integrated into the application. This feature will reduce the use of network data for instant messaging applications.

Low data mode stops automatically downloading voice messages.

WhatsApp Latest Features

How to change cheap data on Whatsapp:

If you enable this mode, WhatsApp will automatically stop downloading media from your mRNA, even if you have different automatic download settings. Low data mode stops automatically downloading voice messages. This is a new feature that will allow users to access applications for messaging purposes, even on low-cost Internet sites.

Waiting for the call:

WhatsApp this month has created an easy and meaningful look for users.

These new features include the ability for users to receive another WhatsApp call during a call. These features can be downloaded by updating the app on the App Store for iPhone users and the Google Play Store for Android customers.

Previously, the recipient did not receive the call while waiting for the other call and instead notified the missed user when he disconnected the current call. On the other hand, the caller knows that the recipient is busy because the application addresses the ‘second call’ message when the caller tried to make a call.


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