WhatsApp hacks? Yes, people do get hacked on WhatsApp too.

Good news! Here’s your way out.

Just like Facebook, WhatsApp has proven to be an excellent social media app for messaging. Having crossed the  line with over 1billion active users, it is difficult to say that the security of so many accounts under the umbrella of this app is guaranteed.

WhatsApp has become a home for so many individuals especially business owners. Apart from being a messaging tool, it had become a very comfortable means for holding online meetings, finalizing business transactions, holding an online class and so on. With it’s rising popularity, the possibility of hacking cannot be over emphasized.

WhatsApp hacks

The biggest fear facing most WhatsApp users is the fear of been hacked. When your account is hacked, you automatically lose access and control of your account.

But hey!

We’ve got  solution.

You can really avoid been hacked on WhatsApp, how?

With the following tips you can protect your account securely from hackers and Internet parasites

Develop a powerful unpredictable password

This is one tip you must pay 100% attention to, if you must protect your account from hackers. So many people nonchalantly do not take this security technique seriuosly. Most times, they complain of their inability to create a strong unpredicatable password, but that should not be an excuse if you truly value your online contacts.


Creating a very strong password like this ‘fghtsusgysb19?’ makes it impossible for someone to access your account by merely guessing your password. So, please if you truly want to run away from the trap of hackers, create a strong password and write it down somewhere in case you forget it.

WhatsApp hacks

Create a two factor authentication code

So many people are not familiar be with this tip. This security technique is a sure way to protecting your WhatsApp account.
You may ask, where can I locate this ‘two factor authentication code’, the answer is here.

To access this code, visit the security settings on your WhatsApp. To activate this code, you’ll have to enter a temporary passcode together with your email address and phone number. This passcode will be required of you from WhatsApp regularly. Without it, no one can access your WhatsApp account.

Get an app lock

This is also essential if you must secure your account from unathorized users. There are so many App lock apliapplicas on play store. With them, you can prevent anyone from accessing your WhatsApp and other applications.

WhatsApp hacks


Log out

This tip belongs to those who access their WhatsApp from their personal computer (PC). Don’t forget to log out from your account in order to avoid unauthorized access to your account.

This is not for mobile users since this feature isn’t yet available.

Finally, if you happen to lose your phone, you can avoid been hacked by contacting WhatsApp support line via support@whatsapp.com by sending them an email, notifying them that your phone has been stolen. Don’t forget to attach your phone number with the calling code.



Here’s a sample message:
‘My phone has been stolen, please deactivate my account-+234 813 444 000’

I assure you, with these tips, you can secure your account from hackers.



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