An overheat smartphone usually run slowly, run out of battery fast, shorten its life span, or even explode. So, take it seriously once your phone is extremely hot.

#1. DON’T leave your phone in the sunlight too long.

In other words, avoid using your cell phone at high temperature. Sunlight, especially summer’s sunlight, will heat up your mobile phone if you put it under sun directly for a long time.

If the phone is extremely hot in sun, stop using it and move it to cold it, do not use the phone until it cools down. The phone will cool down faster after taking the protective case off.

#2. Close hardly used programs in the background.

You may don’t know so many apps are running on phone background, as you haven’t used any of them. These apps not only consume RAM storage, but also consume battery power, and generate heat in long time processing.

The program isn’t closed if you tape Home button to back home page, it will run in the background. Generally, tape the return button twice to close the program, or click Exit from the app menu to quit running the program. Certainly, you may forget to end the app, or haven’t time to quit the app. In this case, you can check your phone frequently and close the apps at one time.

#3. Stop using the phone if you have used it too long.

People are easy to addict to their mobile phones so that often forget the time when using the phones, or continue to play with the phones while charging. It’s no doubt that long time of using and using while charging will make the phone gets hot. For example, the heat arise when you play game or make a call for a long time, because a game requires many parts of phone work at the same time and thus the phone’s CPU cannot meet your demand.


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