Consumers  are really in love with red and yellow. Red gets us to stop and yellow makes us feel warm and fuzzy. Just look at how many fast food brands are built on these colors.
The science behind it can be cloudy, but regardless, data clearly shows the importance of color. According to research by The University of Winnipeg , “62%–90% of a person’s initial assessment of a product is based on color alone.”

62%-90% of first impressions of a product are based on color. “Colors express the main psychic functions of man.” – Carl Jung
Color is one of the most important decisions to make in differentiating your brand while, at the same time, making the right first impression. Imagine taking your kid to be registered in a school and discover the school is painted in dark shade of brown and dark shade of grey. Will you still consider moving in?

The messaging must be on-point to connect with your audience, the website intuitive to help them along their buyer’s journey, and the social media presence needs to showcase a comfortable atmosphere of like-mindedness, but your color selection must set the brand tone first.
“Words have meaning. Type has spirit. The combination is spectacular.” – Paula Scher

While color gets all the attention and praise, typography is just as important to a brand.
According to a study done by MIT and Microsoft, people presented with “good typography” will be happier and more engaged than people presented with “bad typography.”
Font type, font size, contrast and spacing are all part of a delicate balancing act that, when done right in conjunction with color, will create a positive experience for consumers.


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