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Vision Alive Foundation is a non governmental organization focused on youth leadership, raising dynamic and innovative millennials that will steer Africa to greatness. With core believes in Leadership, Education and Entrepreneurship.

Vision Alive Foundation runs with the mandate to create and nurture platforms for young people to ideate, innovate and implement their visions and drive sustainable development in their spheres.

The foundation is inspiring a new generation proud of their identity and conscious of their destiny, motivating them to lead impact driven lives by becoming dynamic and innovative leaders.

This organization was the host for the 2019 International Youth Day held at Du Golf Hotel, Aba with mazimum impact having Dr.  Oby Ezekwesili as keynote speaker, who also launched the foundation’s Youth Development Center after the event.

Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress. Collaboration is important not just because it’s a better way to learn but because it’s a better way to earn.

Vision Alive Foundation is growing a community of young minds with ability to solve old problems with new solutions. This is a community of Partners who would have access to the many opportunities available as well as learn how to utilize them.

vision alive foundation

CLICK to be a partner with a monthly investment as desired.

Benefits of Partnership

– Access to job, business and social opportunities.

– Opportunity to be part of the decision making arm of our organization.
– Access to our network of youth professionals and trybe that provides a rich learning space and shared opportunities.
– Ability to access and leverage on our network and platforms to promote one self and endeavour.
– Ability to contribute to the development of our society and make impact through our organization.
– Access to specialized human capacity building programs.
– Access to national and international opportunities.

What’s required of you?

A monthly financial investment into the foundation to foster more developmental projects. See details via the link



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