Vicar Hope Foundation Provides Mammogram Machine For Diagnosing Breast Cancer

Vicar Hope Foundation has acquired a Mammogram Machine for diagnosing Breast Cancer in women.
Breast cancer remains the major killer for women all over the world.

Breast Cancer is the most invasive and most common kind of cancer in women.

Vicar Hope Foundation

Cell is the small living unit of life that can exist independently and cell is reproduced every seconds in the body ( Blood cells)

Cells like bone cell

Skin cell
Blood cell
Pancreatic cells
Sex cell
Nerve cell
Endothelial cell

Vicar Hope Foundation

These( cells) are basic unit of life
It makes organism to function.

Each of these cells are produced From different sources based on their locations and how they are made to function.

Before we still relate the two subjects matter. Remember what we call homeostasis.

It is the maintainacne of a fairly constant internal environment of a living organism.

Vicar Hope Foundation

Some cells production malfunction when the necessary hormones need to release are not done timely.

Breast cancer
Many studies show that physically active women have a lower risk of breast cancer than inactive women
the average breast cancer risk reduction associated with physical activity is increased.

So one of the reasons why cancerous cells develop is when there is improper blood circulation, remember that blood carries so many things to different part of the body.

In a situation where the blood pressure is slow reproduction and response is also slow when there is interruption or delay in the timely reproduction of the new cells the old one that are not useful again ( abnormal cell) then divides and multiply.

Definition of Cancer

Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue and the abnormal cells reproduced themselves and destroyed the tissue.

Vicar Hope sees the need to provide adequate machines for treatment of breast cancer.


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