Unlocking Youth Entrepreneurship through the Knowledge-based Economy

We are no more in a baggage-based Economy. We are now in a knowledge-based economy where ideas rule the world. For instance, the biggest organised transport system in Nigeria today is UBER.

This transport system is e-based without any physical vehicles owned by the company. Everything is knowledge-based. Currently, electric and solar cars are being launched. Solar Generator, solar bulbs, solar this, solar that etc.

As a result, the type of youth Development that will raise an army of national transformers could be well described by the tremendous ways. Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State is unlocking youth entrepreneurship through knowledge based economy. In Enugu Nigeria, the Man called Gburugburu, as governor of the State, has deployed value reorientation and skill development as working tools for human capital Development in the State.

Just few days ago, an ICT-based NGO in Abuja, “High Tech Centre for Nigerian Women and Youths” began a training on the production of Solar Panels in Enugu. This technology is Solar-based and unarguably one of the greatest needs of Africa today, not only Nigeria.

With this latest technology on Alternative Energy, the Enugu State Government has demonstrated strong interest in deploying these tech-skills to youth and women in rural communities to achieve Light Up Enugu mandate and realise financial freedom for Enugu youth and women.

The Light UP Nigeria program focuses on building contemporary skills on Alternative Energy for energy sufficiency and wealth distribution, and Enugu is among the States in Nigeria leading in this huge knowledge based economy. Through the Gburuism Empowerment program in Enugu State, there is massive deployment of ICT-based training going down to the rural people, from one Local Government to another.

In Udenu LGA where Hon Frank Ugwu first hosted the Empowerment program few days ago as the Executive Chairman of Udenu LGA, a number of trained participants are now being supported with Empowerment Fund for takeoff Starter kits to encourage youth and women entrepreneurship, building knowledge based economy where the rural people would become innovators and nation builders. Many have commended Hon Frank Ugwu who is also ALGON Chairman in Enugu State for showing digital and innovative leadership that enhanced such new development in his local government. This training is going to all LGAs in Enugu State.

In Telecommunication and forex trading, thousands of the youth and women in Enugu State have been trained in digipreneurship and e-marketing skills which are purely knowledge based. Over 50billion naira is said to be spent daily by Nigerians on their phones for data and airtime.

The Forex economy trades about 5trillion dollars globally every day, and Enugu is not looking analogue but digital to fully harness the huge opportunities embedded in the e-economies in today’s world. This pleasant development has wonderfully made a number of Enugu young entrepreneurs land and property owners. One of the vibrant digipreneurs based in Enugu just launched his housing estate last week in same harsh economy where graduates are busy waiting and wasting certificates and potential looking for white-collar jobs.

In Agriculture, production and marketing of agro-products and services have highly gone digital. Even “Okpa Enugu” is now sold online. Everything is changing. Ose Nsukka is now bought by users and marketers from different parts of the world. Vitamin A Cassava sterms are producing amazing yields. Processing of agro-products is though knowledge cum financially demanding but Enugu Governor through the SME Center is making sure “Money is no more a problem” in Enugu State. Over three thousand youth and women have benefited from the funds Governor Ugwuanyi is providing through the SME Center. We now have various Gburuism Farms in different parts of Enugu State.

The Enugu State Ministry of Education, through its major educational platforms like ENSUBEB and PPSMB have gone highly digital and ICT-based. School children in Enugu are now equipped with modern computer skills that will prepare them to be fit in this highly digitised society.

Moreover, the Gburuism Empowerment program championed by Governor Ugwuanyi through the office of his SSA on Empowerment & Human Capital Development, has passionately demonstrated skill development and Reorientation that has beautifully converted many Enugu youths to young leaders and enterpreneurs.

We are now in a knowledge-based world where parental and academic backgrounds no more determine much but knowledge, skills and relevant partnerships. And Enugu is leading so far in South East Nigeria.

Emeka Asogwa, journalist writes from Enugu Nigeria

Emeka Asogwa is human capital developer/social enterpreneur from Enugu State 08035791665


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