Union kids account

Union Bank will market two new and improved savings accounts for Children (0-12 years old) and Teenagers (13-18 years old).

The accounts, UnionInfinity and UnionLegend, were created to improve the savings culture of children and adolescents and to make money for independence.

Unlike other accounts, UnionInfinity and UnionLegend are both designed to meet the needs of parents who want to save for their children in the future.

Union kids account

Speaking about the new products, Lola Cardoso, Head of Retail Banking and Digital at Union Bank, said: “We are very excited to help children and adolescents achieve their dreams with this new improved proposal.

An important role as a bank is teaching Financial Literacy and Independence is and encouraging and these accounts are very practical ways.

We have made it even more rewarding with the benefits that children and parents can put forward. To open any accounts, call your Union Banking Director or go to all our branches and request an account opening form. “


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