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2020 Trends in Digital Marketing

I bet you’ve not heard this before.

You must have sat down with your board on a round table meeting to discuss the big annual goals – revenue, marketing KPIs, growth, and many more.

I’m sure you feel so good about your initial plans and recommendations. “I’ve got the best strategies,” you
beem with joy. “Overall, what we’ve got is solid rock.”

From the same meeting, somehow you still feel confused … you sense some challenges.

This is not the reason they sought it. But clearly you need to rethink your strategy.

You think of how your business team will deliver to your business for the new year. Because, of course, you will need to evolve your strategies to incorporate new ways to achieve your goals.

Where should you spend your time and effort? What are the digital marketing trends worth capitalizing on?

This scenario is common in digital marketing. The landscape is always evolving, and sometimes it is turning in new directions.

For example, only a few years ago most marketers ignored what has become a fast-growing voice search.

A lot of this is happening in our space. It seems that, without ever starting to change, it will suddenly become a direct pause for shoppers to make purchases, assessments and decisions online.

Here at Desire Dynasty, we are obsessed with teaching our customers how to successfully use dirty water frequently in sales and digital marketing.

My goal with this article is to help you learn and understand digital marketing trends that will change the way you work.

Trends in Digital Marketing

Sales Trends In Digital Marketing

  1. Selling the assignment

Do your sales team use any content produced by the marketing team? Do you work as a marketer with your sales team to create content that the sales team can close deals with?

If so, selling the task is up to you.

Selling is the process of deliberately using the informative content you have created about your products and services to address key concerns and answer potential sales questions so that they are well prepared for sales appointments.

The direct result of your sales team using content created in the sales process is more likely to wait, and it will close.

As a result, your sales team will spend less time repeatedly answering questions on sales tasks. Sales interviews are more effective and exist only with the prospects who understand your offer.

Trends In Digital Marketing

Prevent lead – Trends In Digital Marketing

How are you selling preferences to focus on those who are likely to have the result? If you have a manual process built around life cycle stages and traffic sources, you are wasting time when the technology is created.

AI and machine learning have greatly improved in recent years and the use of this feature is an predictable lead score.

HubSpot and other CRM software options typically have the ability to help you filter through your contacts and help you understand trends and behaviors.

Free ratings predictable based on the probability that your contacts will close. This score is based on factors such as email engagement, social engagement, spam, demographic information, behavior and company information.

Finding CRM or contact management software for review prediction is crucial in digital sales.Custom video in the sales process The concept of using video to communicate with the future is becoming more popular as video tools become easier to use. With the amount of emails they receive on a daily basis in your future, the noise is heard.

Click-through emails with custom videos increased 8-fold compared to standard outbound emails. Free tools like Vidyard’s GoVideo can easily capture any quick and personal video using a laptop camera. For the most part, making a video is much faster than writing emails.

Trends In Digital Marketing
The Big Wordswar

In addition to increasing clickthrough rates, higher opening rates and higher engagement, the video lets you see your face. Humanizing an email interview with a polite face will help you know your future. This deeper level of connection allows your sales team to cross noise and build trust.

Product-oriented videos 50% of consumers say that watching video products is more confident in online shopping decisions. You cannot understand how your buyers are selling products online. The product videos cannot explain the details and prices of the written specifications.

Product videos should explain:

  • Your product
  • For whom is it good / not good?
  • Why do I need it?
  • How much is it?
  • When should I buy it?
  • How do I buy it?

Long form videos In 2017, the vast majority (80%) of videos were five minutes or shorter. These short videos make up less than a third of total video content engagement. However, videos of 15 minutes or more resulted in 50% of viewership engagement.

Once video has been uploaded as a content medium, engagement video should be at the core of the strategy. Failure to make mistakes and perspectives will relocate the needle. Short-form video is proving to be the most effective on social media sites. Long form video while waiting and wanting on your website and video channels. Creating a series of videos with long-form videos aligns the content consumption habits of streaming services like Netflix.

It also allows the viewer to watch videos that are longer in length with the value being given directly. For example, someone can watch social video for more than five minutes. However, you may be more prepared to watch an eight-minute video on a services page, because in this case, they want as much information as possible because it is in a sales-motivated scenario.

At other times, it may not take more time for a buyer question to be answered correctly and by the way, so leave the duration of the content and contextual video. Think of longer videos as a great way to teach your prospective buyers what they know without reading a long blog post. Long-form video example: How to do an off-camera style interview Which of these trends are you using? Share your thoughts.

We’d continue this series in subsequent posts, stay glued to this space.


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