Email marketing is not dead or dying. In fact, statistics indicate that they are very successful.

According to an upcoming infographic published by Blue Mail Media, more than 196 billion emails are sent daily, 109 billion of which are dedicated to business.

Assuming that at least 55% of email is spam, business-oriented email leaves about $ 50 billion worth of membership lists daily.

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To keep in mind, orally, you need to market your email. The infographic below is intended to reflect on your email marketing practices, whether you are just getting started or have been in the game for years.

Below are the top tips and why I think I have them.

√ Improve your viewing opportunities by viewing segments

For effective email marketing, it is essential to target the members of that list to believe that they can convert those messages.

For most businesses, it means segmenting your email list.

By splitting your email addresses into subgroups, you are able to better tailor the content of your email to a specific audience and more accurately direct the next step of the customer journey.

Proper list segmentation can increase open rates by 39%.

There are probably unlimited ways to segment the list, and there is certainly no one-size-fits-all option. However, there are some popular segment modes that can be found in industries.

Interest in the service or product, Site Commitment (Form Completion, Visited Pages, Last Viewed, etc.)
Purchase history (service / product purchased, last purchase date, etc.)

In any case, the platform you use – there are many other tools that support email marketing from HubSpot to Klaviyo – will keep your listings segmented and up-to-date with your open rates and delivery.

√ Use stellar subject lines

Take a quick look at your inbox. Is your name called? … literally?

Custom theme lines can help your email get noticed in your inbox, and single openings get up to 37%.

There are many types to make the subject line more personal to your recipient.

If you use a platform like HubSpot, you can use customization tokens and smart rules to automatically populate your benefits and customer data. This allows for hyper-precise customization around a person’s name, surname, business name and more.

While you want to be personal, you don’t want to be so personal that you see it as an invasion of privacy, so make sure you don’t overdo it.

If you need help getting started, here are 16 examples of world-class subjects.

√ Keep it interactive

Interacting email doesn’t have to be complicated. It is about the recipient clicking.

The easy win is to use video to optimize the interaction in your email campaigns.

Videos in emails have increased click rates by 300%.

√ Digital Marketing and World Marketing 2020

Since you don’t have a video production team before you throw in the towels, keep in mind that there are quick and useful video creation tools at your disposal.

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Our friends over at Vidyard offer pretty friction-free video recording, offering a free product and Chrome extension.

Once you’ve set it up, and for fear of being on camera, you are just one click away from the recordings and only a few clicks away from having a sharing video to use in your email marketing.

Remember that you also use customization in your videos.

This will improve the recipient’s ability to click on the video and increase the impact on the viewer. Because he’ll think it’s just for them.

If you want to create a nicer video to use in your sales and marketing messages, remember to follow video 6 and spend a few minutes reviewing the latest Video Sales Guide.

√ Use campaign-specific landing pages

Sending well-meaning email campaigns means that the next step is a clear step for users.

The nightmare for any nightmare campaign is emailing a list of curators, using a custom theme line, including an attractive video in the email, and … a ton … to your homepage.

You’ve all been successful traveling from personalized travel to general and general space. Typically from the carefully managed user flow.

Tips on email

A live page can increase your conversion rate by 300%

This means that the visual journey that users make on their inbox is constantly being converted from all posts.

The use of images, fonts, colors, email, and the address page enhance the user’s knowledge while traveling to and from their client’s website.

Also, make sure your email messages are echoed and spread on the landing page. By using the same tone and the same copy, you will build and maintain confidence in the reader to help you take action.

Also, keep your conversion goal consistent with the user’s journey from email to website to conversion point.

Be careful and do not change your offer or email about a topic and send it to a non-binding landing page.

This is a good way to mark it as spam, which can result in a long and arduous redemption process with email service providers if you receive too many spam complaints at the same time.

If you don’t know where to start with your landing page (or if you want to make sure you do everything right), check out the 11 best address pages and a great list of 42 page examples. inspiration.

To put it into practice

Take a look at the infographic below for Blue Mail Media for other tips on how to improve your sales and marketing emails.

Remember, no one gets email marketing for the first time. This is a skill that takes strategy, experimentation and patience! Start small fruits for your business and remember as you go for A / B testing.

As always, check out for more tips on Email marketing.


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