1. SEO business

There have been situations when search engine optimization(SEO) business has made people wealthy and successful. Working in this business is so lucrative because it can make you rich with a small start-up capital. In Nigeria, you can start your own SEO related company, if you actually understand the algorithm of search engines and how to satisfy the client’s needs. You have to understand the basic mechanisms of website optimization and make sure you know your business.

In order to succeed in SEO business sphere, you have to do the following:

  • Gather the knowledge about features and principles of SEO (it is recommended to take up a special course).
  • Use SEO tools for more ideas.
  • Start attracting potential clients.
  • Outsource.

2. Copywriting business

You can easily become a successful copywriter if you have a good writing skills. The main job of a copywriter is to use words to sell products, and usually, this person has to write for websites that need to attract clients or customers. A copywriter has to persuade the customer with words. This is not an easy job at all, you need to possess very good writing skills to gain success in this field. It takes a lot of time to master these skills, however, a talented and flexible copywriter is highly likely to gain success. Moreover, the most valuable workers have to understand English on an advanced level, so if you do, it is a huge plus for you.

Basically, copywriting is a great business idea for a start-up. Many Nigerian young people already work online in copywriting/rewriting sphere and get good money for it. Appealing, isn’t it? You only have to develop your writing skills to earn cash from home, without having to go anywhere.

For starting your own copywriting business, you should do the following:

  1. Gather much-needed knowledge about how copywriting works (there are lots of guides online).
  2. Decide on the kind and topics of writing that you are going to do.
  3. Put together your portfolio.
  4. Choose a business name for yourself (you should choose it wisely).
  5. Start your own website with a unique domain name.
  6. Make a business card.

3. Social media marketing

Who does not use social media nowadays? No wonder marketing in social media field has become very lucrative. Nowadays, the world of social networks is quickly evolving in Nigeria, and the one who wants to succeed in it has to possess the unlimited amounts of knowledge on the topic. Many business experts who claim to be qualified professionals have made mistakes in the social media sphere, without having another look at them and the effect it has on their brand.

Obviously, you should do a lot of research before starting your own company. First of all, it is strongly recommended that you to gain experience from those social media marketing agencies that specialize in this field. They maintain various social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Quite often, looking at the successful companies and grabbing experience from them will help you develop your own strategy.

To start your social media marketing business, follow these steps:

  • Obtain all the knowledge you need on how social media and marketing works (often, the special courses will help you out).
  • Develop more ideas for your business: think of the range of services your agency will offer, tools that you will be using and a website to promote your start-up.
  • Start attracting bigger client database.
  • Outsource.


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