Brand Awareness And Storytelling, What’s New?


Did you enjoy bedtime stories or stories by moonlight?

Storytelling has become a part of every brand’s existence. You just have to be telling a story. A brand is a gut feeling about a product, service or / and organization. A brand resides in the heart of the customer / prospect. Brand awareness is important for business success and overall marketing.

During the just concluded Girls Code Camp organized by Vision Alive Youth Development Center, Ms Rebecca Kalu; a digital marketer, web developer and business strategist had a session with the Girls Code Camp participants on Brand Awareness and Storytelling.


Here are excerpts from her session!

Why brand awareness?

  • It builds trust between the customer and the brand.
  • It creates association.
  • It builds brand equity.
  • It gives your brand a personality

Brand equity defines a brand’s value which is defined by a customer’s experience. A brand establishes or increases brand equity by building brand awareness.

Establishing your brand just got easier!

  • Your brand should be a person not just a company.
  • Every brand should socialize.
  • Tell a narrative (storytelling).
  • Make it easy for people to tell your story.
  • Authenticity is important and can lead to a big boost in brand awareness.
  • Treat your social media account as if its an individual.
  • 50% of brand reputation comes from brand socialization.

brand storytelling

On Increasing brand awareness…

  • Offer Freemium
  • Create amazing content
  • Sponsor events and gain publicity
  • Give your brand a personality

So what’s the big thing about brand awareness?

  • Make a science out of your brand.
  • Stand out.
  • Be strategic and intentional.
  • Become the first choice of your customers and target audience.


How a brand can become a choice!

  • People choose brands based on who is able to meet  their demand.
  • Understand who you exist for.
  • Understand what they want.
  • Have language power.


Storytelling is the process of hosting facts and narrative to communicate. It requires creativity, vision, amongst others

Why Story telling?

  • To solidify abstract concept and simply complex message.
  • A good story should be have two components; conflict and resolution
  • It should be entertaining, educational, universal, organized and memorable.
  • Storytelling Process
  • Know your audience.
  • Define your core message.
  • Decide what kind of story you will be telling and when.


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