#stoppoliceinjusticeinaba – Aba Youths Revolt!

#stoppoliceinjusticeinaba is the harshtag that’s trending all over social media. Abia youths revolt over the ill treatment received from the state police force which on the contrary is meant to defend the rights of citizens.

With the bad roads and lack of enabling envirinment, Aba youths still thrive to excell with help from patriotic citizens like Ikenna Ogbudimkpa who sacrificially provide platforms and opportunities to aid youth development through his foundation, Vision Alive Foundation and youth development center, Vision Ace Hub.

Its disheartnening to discover that such young people who put in maximum effort to to make the city a better place are compelled to leave because of harrasment from a force meant to ensure that they live safely and comfortably.


Ikenna’s Voice… – #stoppoliceinjusticeinaba

“Sad to note that on Sunday, I was arrested alongside my brother and colleague, Solomon after showing solidarity to our friend Klasikal who organized the Hilarious Banquet. For no reason, there was no curfew, we weren’t found with anything, we were corporately dressed, right in front of our gate.

We just got our freedom yesterday and the trauma is still unimaginable. I’m still in shock, and immediately resolved to bail out from Abia. If this can happen to us, I wonder the numerous young people that go through same fate daily. You’ll barely find a family or cluster that hasn’t witnessed this form of brutality.

I broke down, not because of the physical pain, but remembering the sacrifices and efforts we’ve put in over the years to make Abia great, I don’t deserve this! I’ve never felt this dehumanized and embarrassed that words won’t even allow me to fully describe the experience I had.

I’m still on medications from the assualt.

We need sanity in Abia. Our youths can’t live in fear. We can’t be productive this way. We need to create an enabling environment for youths to thrive. Abia is having brain drain, the best youths leave daily.

We’ve got to start talking.” – Ikenna (Victim)



“I was just released from the police custody after being arrested in front of my gate while waiting for the gate to be opened after attending a comedy show @Hilarious banquet. I was physically assaulted by the ones who are to protect me.

I was accused of attaempted crime by the Nigerian police at Abayi Aba, Abia State for being at my gate waiting for the gate to be opened.

On the 3rd of November 2019 I attended a comedy show organised by klasikal at beniz hotel Aba Abia State.the show ended About 9:50pm, I had to go back home with Obinna Uzoije and IKENNA OGBUDIMKPA on getting to a junction Okigwe Rd by brass, Obinna decided to go home so we bid a farewell.


On getting my gate around 10: 10pm the gate was locked meanwhile ikenna has already called some one to help open the gate, while waiting about 5minutes two hillux SUVs stopped in front of our gate with furious looking men on black we were just trying to understand what was happening, a sound slap reached our faces.

People from our house came out and attested to the fact that we are innocent and we live here. We were molested and pushed into the hillux.

On getting to the station we were asked to remove out clothes, we demanded to know our offence or explanation but all to no avail. Ikenna’s mother respond quickly with a barrister and a neighbour to come to our rescue but the woman on the night shift pushed her away and said the station has closed that was about 11:45pm, so the left that night with out a concrete information on our offence, We were actually pushed to the cell.

Guys that was my first experience behind bars, which was very terrible, now am asking where does my right as a citizen come to play? That night was my longest night ever because I couldn’t wait for day break. Imagine staying behind bars with someone who has a rotten bullet wound?

In the morning my people returned for further clarification and bail. I was asked to write a statement which the IPO assigned to me assisted to write..lol..

Now the big blow, I asked the IPO what my crime was she said ATTEMPTED FELONY, I couldn’t understand that, because I wasn’t seen with anything incriminating. Well I was more interested in leaving the unfriendly Environment.

The right of young Nigerians as been abused and batterd, I encourage every Nigeria youth to speak out and act now stop this abuse and not die in silent, l’m calling on well meaning Nigerians and relevant authorities to look into this and restore hope to our communities.” -Solomon (Victim)


 Report from other victims -#stoppoliceinjusticeinaba

“So one day I was coming home from new market (ahia ohuru) sometime 2 months ago and a mini bus stopped in front of me, next thing men in Black popularly known as SARS jumped down telling me (not asking) to get in! I refused, asking why I should get in? because I don’t know where it is written by law that the police can give you a ride without any explanation.

Before I could say Jack they already took my phone and started scrolling through, one of them was getting really pissed and insisted I get in (I realized the our police force cannot be trusted and they can frame anyone anytime for any crime, I refused to enter the bus, the angry one tried pushing/manipulating me by force inside while others threatened.

I felt my only choice was to hold on for as long as I could (not knowing what my faith would be). Thank God the people around started yelling and saying “happu nu ya aka o, onwe kwa ihe omere” (leave him alone he didn’t do anything).

They didn’t find anything on my phone, the noise great louder so did my confidence and I held on as people gathered shouting, they started driving away, and I realized they were still with my phone, as I yelled for my phone it was flung out from the moving vehicle as if it was thrown to me but I’m sure he threw it to hit the floor on purpose, my screen broke.

Well, I was grateful people spoke up, I didn’t want to post about this because this is Nigeria justice is not a friend to the masses but what the hell? Maybe if we speak up something might change, maybe not but last last na we go suffer am.” -Precious (Victim)

Abia youths revolt

Another dishertening tale… -#stoppoliceinjusticeinaba

“Last August, I had finished seeing a friend at her school and boarded a tricycle from 7up area to Park. Along water side bridge, some Police men stopped me and demanded for my Phone which I obliged them and even gave them access because I don’t have any incriminating content on my phone.

One of them immediately opened my Gmail and saw two other email accounts which belonged to my organization BrainFacio and the second one belonged to my Church Student body. Boom! behold that was my crime( possessing more than one email accounts on my phone) and they pushed me into their car.

On getting to the station, they labelled me a fraudster for possessing more than one email account, no incriminating content was found on my device, kept me behind the counter and delayed me for four good hours for nothing until help came to me via my cousin Ejike, Ikenna and my colleagues Ogbudimkpa Ikenna and Solomon Akuma who were also unlawfully detained for 24hrs for no just crime on Sunday evening.

We demand for Justice!
We’ve committed our talent, time and treasure to contribute our part in making our State and City great. We say #stoppoliceinjusticeinaba.” -Mela (Victim)



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