More than half of all women lack access to the online world and the benefits of being online. Providing digital skills training to help women gain digital literacy brings new opportunities for them and their communities.
Women make up half the world’s working-age population but generate only 37% of GDP. With support to make better use of the internet, women entrepreneurs can have a greater impact and generate wealth for themselves and their communities.

We offer women entrepreneurs learning opportunities to grow their business acumen and digital skills. Offerings include in-person events and online career and business training from Grow with Google, and business and digital marketing tutorials. To scale our training further, we partner with Google Business Groups (GBGs). GBGs are independent, community-led groups formed by business owners to share knowledge about web technologies for local business success.

Celebrate the International women’s day gaining digital skills this week Saturday, 2nd March, 2019 by 10am at Spark Hub, 164 faulks road, (second floor) Aba.




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