Social media for business

Surely you’ve heard but maybe you don’t know that social media is the best platform to promote your business. Let’s make you understand it.

Gone are the days of effectively promoting your business on offline platforms. WhatsApp, TikTok and Facebook Messenger have been popular channels. In fact, WhatsApp and Messenger have more active monthly users than Instagram and Twitter.

Each platform has unique advantages and ways in which companies can promote themselves. For example, TikTok allows users to create and edit 60-second videos and add music and special effects.

WhatApp and Messenger allow businesses to support their customers, share updates and promote content.

Due to the high volume of active users, these new platforms are unadorned waters ready for early adoption.

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Live Video

80% of respondents to a recent survey said they would rather watch a live video than read a blog post.

Nearly half of the surveyed users said they watch the video at least once a week and about a quarter of those surveyed watch the video once a day and you’ve got an impressive case.

Facebook, YouTube and Instagram all make creating live video easy and easy. The only thing you really need to start a video streaming is your phone and an active social media account.

Social media for business

Livestream video promotes real-time interaction with customers and solutions effectively.

Viewers are consuming your content; instead, they are choosing to merge content into your schedule, so they are naturally engaged.

Here are some ways you can successfully use Live Stream videos for your business.

Social media stories

Instagram Story Eg. A great way to keep watching streaming video for those who tune in at the same time is to show the video in your story.

Instagram Stories are a great way to showcase products, events, or links among the most-watched businesses.

There are simple tools that are built-in to make stories more appealing, such as surveys, geotags, and mentions.

It’s easy to get content created by the users you’ve tagged and re-entered in your story.

More than half of Instagram users have found new products in the app.

They also said they are open to learning and buying more.

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Social listening analysis

Social listening is a practice of analyzing brand mentions to get the pulse of users, promoters and insults.

Social listening has been widely used at this time as a tactical reactive marketing to communicate with customers.

As AI technology strengthens and applies to social listening analytics, the way in which this tactic is used will change dramatically.

Social listening analytics can start to be used proactively to identify trends and report marketing strategy.

Instead of submitting a suggestion form or paying for market research, client panels or team members – you can quickly get feedback. AI can help businesses create trends, or they can get quick feedback on how quickly businesses can turn.

Online communities and groups

40% of marketers use online communities even though 50% actively try to connect quickly with customers.

Think about how shoppers make decisions online: seek feedback from current users, read reviews, and find helpful content to support their decision.

Marketers who ignore online communities and groups are given the opportunity to be a part of that conversation.

A tool that you can build an online community on, anywhere and forget about, so plan on moving on. Online communities have instant feedback and interaction that is valuable and invaluable.

Here at Desire Blog, we have Desireblog facebook group as a network community. professionals and enthusiasts can ask for advice, share ideas and learn together.

Creating communities like these allows our customers and incoming marketing professionals to talk regularly.

Social commerce

Social network users like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest will make it easy for everyone to buy and buy without leaving their apps.

In these applications, businesses can shop online, customize product catalogs for social stores, and sell directly on social media platforms.

You can open up a whole new audience and deliver a never-ending transaction without having customers ever listen to your business or go to your site.

If you sell products that fit a younger demographic, then social commerce is worth exploring. It is worth mentioning that the digital sale opportunity is still quite new and therefore unproven.

Paid advertising trends

Expect to see click-through-cost (CPC) increases

The number of searches on the Internet is growing by a large margin than usual.

Connect with a massive number of companies that aim to have higher volume and better quality, and we have achieved two strengths by creating a more competitive landscape that ranks well in search results, both organic and paid.

This, of course, implies a growth in per-cost cost (CPC) for paid advertisers.

Social media for business

It is important to understand this trend, although it is an easy pill to swallow. Expect an increase in paid media advertising budgets (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) to accommodate more competitive searches and CPCs.

Targeting your conversion strategy to maximize conversion may be an automated strategy to lower your CPC. Based on manual CPC strategy.

Pay for media

Advertising beyond Facebook and Google
Marketers should expect to have part of their budget for paid media advertising for alternative platforms, in addition to Facebook and Google.

The most important thing about paid advertising in 2020 is getting to know your existing customers. Using social media analytics and engagement rates, you can quickly determine the paid advertising channels.

Facebook continues to be active monthly with active users, but who are your users?

If your users are interacting with videos and short stories, they are worth investing in sites like TikTok and Snapchat.

Do users want specific content and written answers? Reddit, Quora, and Medium teams have tailor-made areas where conversations are active.

Allocate a small portion of your paid advertising budget to explore and test alternative sources that will help your buyers spend time.

What digital marketing trends will impact your business in 2020?
I can only feel how to read almost 4,000 words about digital marketing trends by 2020.

This is probably similar to what I felt after researching and writing this. (All options excited, but overwhelmed and … well tired.)

The most important thing to take from this article will be to answer an easy question:

What opportunities and trends are emerging that can help your company achieve its goals this year based on its current strengths, weaknesses and industry position?

The world of digital marketing and sales is moving at an amazing speed. Companies that innovate and capitalize on emerging trends will outperform competitors and find new customers. They will read this article and say, “That was really impressive,” and then move on to something else.

There will be a minority of those who see the need for what we see and the immediate need for change to take action.

They will start experimenting and testing in new digital spheres, which will ultimately achieve the growth they are looking for.

As a digital marketer, you need to be immersed in the technology that your customers need and are available to you. Among the common theme of all digital marketing trends by 2020:

Find creative solutions that allow you to create a connection with your ideal buyers.


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