Did you know that Opera is now a proud parent?

Well, if you didn’t know, now is the time to get informed. Settle down as we spoon-feed you all the exciting information you never had about OPay and its numerous services.

OPay is a portmanteau of Opera and payment, and is also fit to be interpreted as Opera and PayCom. To properly understand OPay, it is necessary to examine the vision of Opera group, especially in Africa.

Opera Vision:

Opera has a vision of creating an open, connected world through technology. This propels it to build products that eliminate barriers for people to go online. The company boasts of facilitating the process of bringing half of Africa’s internet population online. It might interest you to know that out of the 464,923,169 internet users in Africa, Opera says up to 120 million people use its browsers and mobile applications. It is pertinent to note that Opera is managed by Chinese because its interplay fits into the love of affair between Africa and China.

About Opay

OPay is a company founded by Opera Norway AS group in 2018, to offer unique payment solutions for businesses and retail customers in Nigeria, Kenya, and across Africa. Ever since its launching, it’s been on a journey of constant growth. OPay is a payment platform developed by Opera software. The platform enables users to shop and pay for services and products through their mobile or web browser.

Most people became aware of OPay in June 2019, when its bike-hailing service was launched with a mind blowing N100 promo. But the company’s story didn’t start then. Opay has been operating since 2010 in the pouch of PayCom Nigeria Limited– a mobile money platform incubated by Telnet (Nigeria) Limited. After operating for seven years, Opera indicated interest in acquiring PayCom in 2017. They put pen to paper in 2018 and OPay was birthed in August of the same year. So, the company that has been blitzing every startup and sector in Nigeria is barely a year old!

Opay’s latest development

Basically, the mission of OPay is financial inclusion and the company focused on the first part of its operations– agent business– before trying on a new shoe. OPay has decided to spread its arms wide and venture into other business verticals in a bid to continue serving the financially excluded in our society. One of the distinctive arms of OPay which has got many talking, is ORide.



ORide is an innovative and new on-demand motorbike ride-hailing service. The service was launched in May 2019 with initial operations flagging off in Lagos, and since then, the service has expanded into other cities like Ibadan. ORide service launches with *ORide Green*, with flagship motorbike models of 200cc engine specification aimed at servicing long distance trip requests. There is equally the ORide streetly, with its lighter offering to cater to shorter intra-city trips.

ORide is a solution to a myriad of transport challenges, particularly, heavy traffic. The service offers flexible payment options including cash, card payment through the OPay app that allows riders to access promotional offerings.

OPay’s country manager, Iniabasi Akpan, says “about 25-30% of the adult population are uneducated, poor and have little or no access to financial services. Through our business operations, we provide opportunities for operators and users in the less formal and informal sector to access the tools, training, skills and finance they need for a better life leveraging the use of mobile phones and technology”.

Is safety guaranteed with ORide?

Concerning the issue of safety and driving experience of ORide motorbike riders, Ridwan Olalere who is the director of product says “All ORide motorbike riders have been trained by safety professionals. Our first training resulted in a 50% pass rate. We have then taken steps to hold a monthly class for the riders. All ORide motorbikes come with a pre-adjusted speed limit of 60kmph. Also, the motorbikes have unique tracking devices attached to them and can be tracked online in real time”.

What’s more?

Both riders and passengers who take ORide are covered by comprehensive insurance and will also have access to 24hrs customer support service. In addition, riders have access to healthcare. The ORide service is accessible via the Opay app — a super app that’s available on Android and iOS.


Are there other OPay services?

You can be sure there are! In line with OPay’s mission which is to remove barriers to financial services, OPay has further expanded beyond ORide to include other services which are:

OTrike– OTrike is a three wheel transportation popularly called keke which has been introduced in Aba and Kano.


OBus– This is another transportation service via bus.

OFood– This service offers food delivery service.

OKash and OWealth– These services offer quick loans and investment options for users.

All these services can be accessed and paid for with the OPay app. While OKash, OWealth and OBus are still in beta phase, ORide, OFood and OTrike are already in full operations.

OPay has been making the rounds in and outside Nigeria’s tech echo chamber. From providing mobile payment to offering bike-, tricycle-, and bus-hailing services, quick loans and food delivery, OPay app has become the super app in

Technology is taking over the world! Download the OPay app and begin to enjoy the benefits today.

Egwim Precious


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