See How To Trade Online Without Data

Online shopping has become a part of almost everyone in the 21st century market place as there are lot of platforms for purchase but the common challenge is the expensive data subscription experienced in Nigeria.

Good news!

We’ve got a search engine for your online shopping.

Chọọya Search Engine is set to be Africa’s foremost search engine for trade and commerce.

This is an innovation you should watch out for.

Chọọya is about to change the way we buy and sell across Africa with an invention that leaves no one behind.

Choooya search engine

RAD5 Tech Hub one of the strongest forces behind the fast growth of technology education, adoption, and innovation in Southeast Nigeria, officially announces that Chọọya, an innovative e-commerce startup company with the mission “to facilitate speedily, secured, and open trade in Africa by organizing and centralizing all trade data and activities in one single place for all levels of users and stakeholders, will be launching her first product “Chọọya Search Engine”

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The launch is scheduled for 13th of December 2019 by 12 Noon at RAD5 Tech Hub Aba, Abia State.

This innovation will be the very first search engine in the history of mankind to empower people across Africa to trade without an internet connection or smartphone.

Amazing isn’t it? Sure it is!

We are proud to have such a tech startup come from Africa and Nigeria’s economic hub, Aba.

Are you doubting the possibility of such great innovation to come from Africa or Aba? Then you shouldn’t miss this launch.

The Traditional markets are all around us in Africa.

The question has always been, what can be done to facilitate an inclusive and open trade across these traditional markets for people not living in those commercial cities/communities with or without internet connectivity or smartphones to trade anytime from anywhere without hiccups?

These are some of the problems that Chooya is preferring solutions to.

The Chọọya Search Engine would be accessible both online and offline, and this is mainly because there is a need to open the trade across nations in Africa so that even average and low-income earners can participate in trade and commerce activities happening in the continent.

Through technology and innovation, Chọọya is increasing competitiveness and the comparative advantages to communities traditionally left out of trade opportunities across Africa.

Chọọya is also facilitating the integration of rural markets with the global economy. This is aimed at simplifying the market places in Africa so buyers can communicate with sellers and vice versa.

“The biggest search engine for the African market is here, and it has all the perks and benefits. It’s very simple to use and it’s focused precisely for trade and commerce starting with traditional markets in Africa”. – Trust Onyekwere, RAD5 Tech Hub’s general Program/Project Manager.

What we foresee is a search engine that not only focuses on facilitating trade and commerce in Africa but also solves the hiccups and hitches in buying and selling across Africa.

Chọọya is fully harnessing the potential of trade to advance the livelihoods of the more than 1 billion people who still live off of $1.25 per day.

These are the innovative solutions that Chooya is bringing to the world which are needed to address the constraints that limit rural communities and nations from achieving greater economic gains.

Let’s launch together on Friday Dec 13th 2019!


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