Samsung galaxy S20

Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 mobile phone will be released on Friday, March 6th. You have the whole week left to decide whether you want to pre-order the S20, S20 Plus or S20 Ultra.

Waiting for a release date before making a decision is nothing. But if you are planning to buy one already, this week, if you make a commitment, you will be eligible for the respective incentives.

Samsung galaxy S20

No matter which vendor you choose to pre-order a phone from, run the receipt through the Samsung Store for iOS or Android and you will get gift card credit. Samsung will give S20 buyers a $ 100 voucher to use at the online store. The S20 Plus will pay you a $ 150 gift card, and the S20 Ultra with a $ 200 credit.

The best pre-available incentives are on Amazon right now; every phone comes with a really great Galaxy Buds headset and Duo wireless charging pad. These tools are the advantages that you will get in addition to the aforementioned gift card.

Samsung galaxy S20

Prerequisites include the Galaxy Buds and Duo wireless charger $ 1,399

Amazon’s advancement can be tricky if you don’t want to market your phone. If you do so, you will pay even less for marketing your order on your old device and buying it through Samsung. Samsung is offering $ 700 worth of credit for the new S20 phone. Best Shopping also supports trades. If you are interested, check out our retailer and carrier price list and their pre-orders.


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