Romance and relationship

Teenex Tech savvy Romance and Relationship

Romance and relationship on a tech space! Funny right?

To succeed in business, technology or any sphere of life, emotional soundness is of utmost pertinence.

You don’t have to wear a brand to be a brand or wear a name to be a name. Did that ring a bell? Ding dong!

So Teenex invited Ms Juliana OlayodeZr Toyo baby of Jennifer’s diary to share her experience and advice on “Romance and Relationship” to the teenagers.

Romance and relationship

If they are emotionally sound, they can think properly, develop innovative ideas, scale and make the best of whatever venture they dive into, making the society better and creating sustainable solutions.

Sex is God given so it should be God govern. Trust God enough to guide you through keeping yourself pure.

Once you become impure at a teenage age, staying loyal to your partner in marriage becomes difficult.

Honour your bodies. It is possible to control your sexual urge. Some of your desires can terminate your destiny, if you don’t control it.

Being pure doesn’t gurantee a good marriage, but it is a principle created by the one who created it!

Romance and relationship

That you’ve done it doesn’t mean you should keep doing it.

Learn to say no to sex, don’t bother about what people say, the peer pressure and all.

Decide whether or not you want to live a sexually pure life. When you’re deciding, listen to the voice of truth inside of you.

Question / answer session

What is the future of young ones in such a sexually immoral generation? Chidera

Answer: I believe, there is still a generation of morally sound kids that we could mould to grow with principles.

What do you do to sex induced scripts? Chidera
Answer: I turn it down.

Is sex really a spirit, like a spiritual transfer?Victory

Answer: Sex involves you deeply. It is beyond mere skin. The bible tells us that it is beyond mere skin touches.

You can’t control your attitude around the person after. Sometimes, your thoughts roll down to the experience without your control, so it’s more than physical.

How do you change the sexual narrative in the movie industry, do you turn down scripts? Victor

Answer: Yes, I turn down a lot of scripts that are against my moral standards. Just like zee world, you never see them kissing, but you directly feel that they are in love.

Romance and relationship

Yes, I understand the idea of being real, but people would still get the message without having to show the exact act.

Is sex actually the true way to express ones feeling? Victor

Answer: No, sex is not the only way of proving love especially when you are not married. But for married couples, they have all the right to show love and intimacy through sex.

For a teenager who was sexually molested at a young age. Out of rejection, he started masturbating, till he grew up. What’s your advice? Robert

Answer: It’s so sad what happens to people, but it’s possible to live a good life. Such person should carefully open up to someone who can help him or her with the healing process and help the person through to getting better.

I’m your fan. In some families, some things needed are not made available to you. What’s your advice on dating? Loveth

Answer: Dating is okay because you need to get married some day. The point is what age you should date, I won’t give an age bracket.

Within yourself you should know when you are ready to date, when you are matured and ready. It’s not compulsory you have sex while dating.

Why adults advice teenagers not to date is because, there are certain things you may not be able to handle emotionally. It’s about how matured you are to stick to your moral principles.

I saw a post on facebook “girls are scam” and I felt keep your relationship to yourself. Then he asked what I can offer apart from sex in a relationship, so I felt bad. Is dating normal for teenagers? Janet

Answer: Dating is only allowed when you are mentally matured. People advice teenagers to stay out of relationship because they may not be able to handle a lot.

Romance and relationship

Sex is not the only thing to offer in a relationship, you could learn together, add value to yourself and become better. You need information, relationship is not about sex.

Listen to messages on relationship, read good books, attend relationship conferences and many more.

How do you detach from the past completely? Yekinni

Answer: It shows up when you don’t want to think about it. It is hard to leave your past, but you can remember it and not feel bad when you have a better understanding. Don’t try to act like it didn’t happen.

When you have more information, you wouldn’t see yourself as a victim. When you’ve forgiven yourself, it’s easier to move on.

Some girls date because they feel the space of a father inside would get filled up, but they get abused. How can they help themselves get better? Chidera

Answer: Some men don’t have that profile of being the “father” you want. Accept the truth that no one can replace your father.
Girls bother about with the cocacola shape body.

Romance and relationship

How do we overcome the pressure of wanting to be like someone else? Victory

Answer: Stop living for the approval of people. Don’t let other people be your mirror because you’ll never be perfect in their sight. Any shape you have is good, believe in your own beauty.

Be content with how you look.
Don’t allow yourself fall under pressure. For the guys, don’t be pressured to make money.

Some movies make you depressed, stay away from toxic movies that would make you think less of yourself.

Everything on social media is an edited version of reality.

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