Phone brands

Nigeria’s mobile phone market has grown rapidly in recent years as a result of competition from competing mobile phone brands to provide decent and affordable mobile phones to users across the country.

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However, for every Samsung, Nokia or Tecno mobile phone, you would probably find a fake or sub-standard phone, sometimes with the names of these popular brands.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has stated that around 250 million fake phones are being sold in the country every year.

This is particularly common when importing standard phones that are used by the United Kingdom, the US or everywhere: High-demand customers are attracted by the relative availability of these phones.

Therefore, the NCC, which has the highest quality and standard for sale to consumers in Nigeria for mobile phones, has adopted around 1,492 brands and models for use in the country.

According to NCC’s list, Chinese phone brands like Tecno, Infinix, itel, Huawei, ZTE and Oppo, Xiaomi and Vivo are dominating Nigeria’s mobile phone market.

Common suspects like Samsung, Apple (iPhone), Nokia and Blackberry are also on the list.

Executive Vice President, NCC, Prof Umar Danbatta in a report, urged customers not to buy between non-tested phones and to comply with the required rule in the Nigerian market.

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It also double-checks that cellphone users can go to the commission’s website and make a more accurate purchase of their cellphone.

When checking any product on the NCC page, users should try to enter the brand name and model number (for example, Samsung Galaxy S8) in the search bar to confirm that the product has been approved by the committee.

However, the list seems to be updated with the latest phone models, as we cannot find any phones released after August 2019, but as telecom regulators want to raise awareness, we hope to update the list as soon as possible.

Phone brands

While this initiative may be a step in the right direction, ignoring the fake model is difficult to tell from the original model, that is, telling the original Samsung Galaxy fake. In this case, mobile brands may play a role.

With the right setting, this can be a win-win situation for consumers and a threat to fake phones in Nigeria.


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