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Which Is The People’s Chiocest Staion; Magic, Real or Buzz FM?

With the advent of Nigerian radio broadcasting in 1933, so many other radio stations has surfaced, adding more spice to the sauce of radio sphere in Nigeria. The availability of radio waves transmitters has made it possible for so many people to have access to the radio transmission making it one of the reliable of consistent information communicator in Nigeria.

Coming down to south east, Abia state has about twelve radio stations, with four of them broadcasting from Aba-the commercial city of the state.

It is relevant to note that with this rising number of radio stations, the masses seem to be confused of which radio station to listen to always. They are stuck up in indecisiveness because they tend to love all of them at the same time.

However, we have come up a grading meter to determine the people’s choice between the three most popular radio stations in Aba: Magic Fm, Real Fm and Buzz Fm.

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Let’s go Magic 102.9

Magic Fm was established by Saturn Communications Limited in 2012 making the first private radio station to licensed by National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to broadcast in Aba and its vicinity.

The station kicked off fully on the 15th of May, 2013. Since then, they have been serving the masses with informative contents such as: news, entertainment, quality health programmes, motivational and informative talk shows, sports and many more.

With their eminence ICT coverage, they have captured the heart of the people living in Aba and its environs.

They have also succeeded in breaking the internet with their worldwide radio transmission. Many people of south-east origin who reside in the US, Europe, South Africa, Ghana and Uganda can now have undeniable access to their 24/7 transmission by just clicking their website

More still, it has become a home of advertisements for so many people because of their increasing listeners scattered all over the globe. Their choice of excellent, articulating and polite OAP’s who work under them has also added more value to their increasing worth.


On social media they have about 75,000 fans on facebook and approximately 10,000 followers on twitter. In 2016, they were awarded the Nigerian Broadcasting Merit Award for Best Indigenous Radio Station.

nigerian radio broadcasting

The Buzz 89.1Fm

This is a new generation radio station located at 7B Margret Avenue, G.R.A in Aba, Abia State. They are known for their delectable OAPs and choice of ‘on- point’ classic music selection.

Buzz Fm surfaced the Aba radio sphere on the early 2018 and has since then, have been serving the people of Aba and its environs hot entertainment and informative contents.

Apart from their transmission, they also host live events such as their end of the month birthday celebration, relationship dinner outings specially hosted by one of their most popular OAPs ‘Jay-the Sugar Girl’ who’s also a relationship adviser.

More still, their programmes such as ‘The Buzz Drive’ which comes up every 9pm and so many others has given the masses a radio station to reckon with.

In space of two years, they have gained an approximately 22,000 fans on social media.

Indeed, they are the real definition of ‘Buzz’ because they never stop the hits!

real fm

Be Real With ‘Real’ 99.1Fm

Real Fm is also, a new generation radio which mostly centers on Igbo and Pidgin transmissions. It is a radio station for the common man. Their comedy transmission hosted by the popular Uche Ogbuagu has become a programme accepted by the large population of the masses.

They are gaining their ground gradually, with over 2,000 loyal fans to their name on social media. It is also a home of local jingles.

So tell me, from these three, which do you think is the people’s choicest station? or your own choicest station?

Emmanuel Chinedum


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