How MWFAA Increased The Knowledge Span Of Abians

The Mandela Washington Fellowship Association of Nigeria (MWFAA) is a body of young African leaders with its membership drawn from all sectors of the economy as beneficiaries of the US State Department Initiative – Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).

These notable and distinguished young leaders are currently championing various projects and initiatives that are capable of redefining socio-economic landscape of Nigeria and African continent with supports from country governments and corporate organisations across Africa since inception to date.

MWFAA hosted The Impact Project in Aba, Abia State, giving value to the many Abians that graced the event.

Mr Nnamdi Aja, Founder Academic Planet School, amongst other speakers, shared insights on Getting started in business which includes;

  • Identify problems around you
  • Proffer a solution
  • Give value
  • Attach cost to the value you give
  • Set up a system around it

Business ideas comes from problem identification. One confirmed way of starting a business is to first identify a problem. Mr. Nnamdi’s narrative is the best description of getting started in business.

He discovered a challenge in the academic sector which was deficiency in maths among pupils and students.

Then he created mathematics clinic as a solution charging a minimal amount of N100 per hour. After establishing his value for a while he increased his charge to N9000 a month.

Currently, mathematics clinic has grown into Academic Planet School with a massive revenue.

Hon Ara Goodluck, Founder my talent Africa and coordinator Yale Abia handled an interesting session on Internet Security tips

One way of protecting yourself from hackers s by using a strong password which isn’t your phone number because your facebook and gmail account use your phone number as your username, so if you’re using your phone number as your password, you’ve given it out to hackers already.

Next, when you get messages from Google or gmail that someone has accessed your account, check the tag sender if it’s not reply for google, then the authenticity is questionable because it would be demanded that you put in your username and password then forwards to them.

To stay safe

Always use a two way identification to your account (like your phone number and an email)
For social media, add your phone number as a verifier.

Mr. Daniel Chinagozi added more knowledge on Building Products that matter

He said “Line up the story buildings in Aba it would make up the sky scrapers in Dubai… Aba is developing and Africa is building for need.”

In building products that matter, solve the problems within your circle.
Look around the city, check for the problem. Find out if people willing to pay for your solution. Ensure your idea is a painkiller.

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Is there enough market space?
    Do I have enough technical skills ?
  • Do I have a strong team?
    Is it in line with government policy?
    Do I have enough material to push it forward?
    Are my strategically fit for the product?
    Is there technology available at a suitable cost?

Sam Ekwuruibe, ED, Pathgrowth Entrepreneurship Centre wrapped up the session with
Funding your business.

  • How?
    Through Bootstrapping
    Personal income and savings
    Funds from friends and family
    A side business while keeping your day job.
    Getting funds from customers and ploughing it back into the business.              Partnership; get a partner that complements your skills and resources, then you can be on your way to a successful business.
    Leverage on your network
    Grants from MFBs Micro finance banks, Banks, Government grants eg agsmeis
    Renmoney, branch, Paylater, BOAgric and so on.

Events like this are the kinds needed in our society.



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