Research suggests that the average person is exposed to upwards of 5,000 brand messages per day.
Through all of that clutter, there are still some companies who stand out.

1. Google
2. IBM
3. Walmart
4. Visa
5. Ebay
For whatever the reason, these 5 companies’ logos have solidified a spot in our minds.
We know them like we know our names and can identify them anytime. These logos share one of three mutual characteristics, besides the fact that they are everywhere . These logos are all unmistakable, consistent, or extremely simple.

Your logo is the face of your business, so why not make your business the face of your logo? There is no better way of getting people to associate your logo with your company than to use the actual name of your company as your logo. The following businesses have done this well, and now have their names recognized as one of the most iconic brands in the world.
Millions of people see this logo on their computer screen every single day. This is the centerpiece of a website that handles over 100 billion visits per month, it’s got to look good. Google is known as being a fun company, and their colorful logo certainly reflects that; a law firm definitely couldn’t pull off
The eight-bar IBM logo was designed by legend Paul Rand to replace his preexisting logo of the letters IBM bolded in black. The change was supposed to reflect the change of emphasis from stability to speed.

Walmart is the defending champion of the Fortune 500 list and raked in over $450 BILLION in revenue its last fiscal year. In 2008 the Walmart logo underwent reconstructive surgery. The star used to break the “Wal” and the “Mart” was removed, and the logo was made more colorful. A lighter blue was used for the font and a yellow spark was added to the right of the text to make it more appealing.

Visa; it’s everywhere you want to be. So is this logo. This simple “Visa” emblem is constantly seen on TV, at restaurant windows, and on those little pieces of plastic we hate so much yet bring with us everywhere. This logo was introduced in 2006 and gave a more modernized feel to its boxy blue and yellow predecessor.

Ebay: The online auction giant released this new logo in 2012, replacing the old logo that was used since the company (at the time called “Auction Web”) changed its name to eBay in September of 1997. The new logo uses elements such as zigzagged letters (known as a “baseline shift”) and fun colors to convey a sense of energy and dynamicity. The overlapping letters also signify the great sense of community among eBay users.


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