Learn How To Make The Most Delicious Cakes

I bet your tongue is yet to taste the most delicious cake ever! Truth is most people get to eat delicious cakes only during specific events, maybe because that’s the norm or very much because you have to buy it at not very cheap prices depending on your choice of cake.

Here’s the remedy. Ever thought of waking up every Saturday morning to bake your delicious cake and eat your fill for as long as desired? This is your chance to learn how to satisfy your yearnings for cakes.


Sammix 3 days online training is knocking at your door, on how to make:

different kinds of cakes, icing design, chocolate ice cream, chocolate tea, doughnut, custard and peanut.

With just a token of 1000 we will be teaching you how to do all this amazing packages from the comfort of your home.

Date: 6-8 June, 2019
Time: 8:30pm WAT
Venue: close WhatsApp group.


Don’t miss out..


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