Dr. Mercy

Every organisation is made up of people. People from various backgrounds, and with varying life histories, experiences, exposure, skills, and competences. And even though these organisations have a hierarchical structure, it is by no means suggestive of a leader-servant or master-slave tendency or any of such sly innuendos.

This has been the leadership style of the amiable Princess, Dr Mercy Aphrosea Uwakwe across her personally led conglomerate.

Dr Mercy Aphrosea Uwakwe is an Igbere Princess in Abia State, having been born into the royal family of HRH, Eze Uwakwe Ukaegbu, the King of Amaofufe Autonomous Community, Igbere. She spent her formative years in Houston, Texas, United States, and is a celebrated
Medical Doctor.

Asides being a renowned Philanthropist, Dr Uwakwe plays major roles in the development of Igbere, Abia State. Within her personally founded and funded conglomerate are: Mercy World Technology Limited, Peaceful Missionary School, SHOP FOR GAIN LIMITED, Mercy Wave Group of Companies and Dr Mercy Uwakwe Foundation, amongst many others.

While, sometimes, the one at the highest echelon may be privileged to be positioned atop, hers came by dint of hard work, training and experience. She recognises that every individual, no matter how lowly-placed, has something to contribute to the system or the overall goals of the Organisation and the conglomerate; which makes her see everyone vitally important to the system.

Learning from her style of leadership, people at apex positions of any structure should copy Dr Uwakwe’s style and never consider those in the lower cadre as inferior, less important, or even not needed.

These notions, insinuations and very strayed thoughts could make such people bosses, rulers and lords over their subordinates, instead of Leaders. Because, while as a leader Dr Uwakwe says “WE”, bosses say “I”, since they are blinded by pride and pomposity, in contrast to her humility and generosity towards all.

This is why as a leader she always ASKS while bosses COMMAND. Bosses point fingers, she extends a hand. A boss says “GO”, she says “LET’S GO”. And while Dr Mercy Uwakwe considers ideas from everyone, bosses say NO to other people’s ideas.

Bosses even use, abuse and put their subordinates down, but she grooms and lifts people up. This she does because she loves, looks for what’s good inside people, improves people, considers everyone as CEO, and is compassionate, having mastered the art of inspiration; not for bosses, whose master art is manipulation.

Thanks to Princess Dr Mercy Uwakwe, who understands that leadership is more important and yields more benefits than being a boss; little wonder we have world LEADERS, religious LEADERS, community LEADERS, political LEADERS, business LEADERS, and what have you?

And this is why her leadership style has not just been beneficial to her conglomerate, but VERY apt, because, by her leadership, the various arms within the conglomerate can service their Clients’ best needs individually, since according to Henry Ford, a business devoted to service will have one worry about profits… they will be embarrassingly large.

Thanks to her leadership, everyone within the conglomerate, no matter how lowly-placed, is committed to a vision and made to work for a dream and not just for the salary.

Princess Dr Mercy Aphrosea Uwakwe has indeed carved a niche for herself, by virtue of Leadership, to stand noticeably tall among famed world Leaders.


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