IYD International youth day

See How IYD Transformed Nigerian Youths

IYD -International Youth Day is an awareness day designated by the United Nations with the purpose drawing attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding youth.

The first IYD was observed on 12 August, 2000.

The host for the International Youth Day (IYD) held in Aba – Vision Alive Foundation, is a non governmental organization focused on Youth Development pivoted on sustainable Education, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development for youths.

Since 2016, this body has affected lives positively through the International Youth Day event as well as other impacting events.

This year’s IYD held at Du Golf Hotel, Aba with the theme “Transforming Education

IYD international youth day

Pertinent excerpts from the keynote speaker, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili

“Every era comes with a revolution. Any one, who participates in a revolution becomes the leader of the rest.”

Dr. Oby to the delight of Nigerian youths gave an overwhelming testimony regarding her two days stay in Aba for the event. See her tweet below.

IYD international youth day

Excerpts from our first Keynote Speaker, Osita Chidoka

“Become am economic agent in your place of residence. Our education system was designed for the industrial age; it was designed to produce factory workers. It is a one size fit all system.

Being a graduate without skills is long outdated. Be prepared for the 21st century market.

The South East may not be successful but South Easterners are. Aba used to be the hub of business in Igbo land. Its tragedy is what happened to our educational system.

IYD international youth day

Ndi Igbo is successful, but Igbo Land is not successful. The missing link between this is our educational system.

We don’t have raw materials, but we have to package and export the Knowledge we have.

When we were successful in education, was when our teachers were respected. We need to go back and invest in our teachers.

We need to build a new way of looking at education and schools. Measure education system from the standards of global average.

Our education should become a quantitative culture. We need to measure, monitor and improve our systems. That’s how to make progress”

IYD international youth day

Road map for 21St Century Education

1. Access
2. Availability
3. Equal opportunities for all students.
4. Work together to generate curriculum.
5. Students should not be disadvantage d because of costs.
6. Teachers training and certification.
It’s pertinent that we give a timeline to exit the education disadvantage standards .

Way Forward
Go back to the bedrock principles.

1. Principle of Uche: concept of intellect and objective reasoning in dealing with every problem.

2. Principle of Uchu: concept of hard work and diligence characterized by zeal and continuous push. Keep pushing on the right direction.

3. Principle of Egwu Chukwu: concept of values and ethics.

Every successful man without characters and values is a danger to the world.

Mr. Osita concluded with this quote in his native Igbo language “Were uche, uchu na egwuchukwu ka odiri gi nma”

Excerpts from another notable speaker, Daniel Chinagozi

“Innovation that doesn’t solve problem isn’t innovation.

Someone is doing what you want to learn does not mean you should stop! Learn and know what to do.

Look for what you are better at, sell it!! Don’t wait for political appointment, soar!! All innovations should solve soviet problems.

Our problems are big, that means we are given a chance to be bigger.”

Beautiful lines from a Spoken Word Artist, Helen Ikechi

If we do not try and fail, what then is our success?

If we do not stand out ground, what then is our foundation?

What we see is near only we look here.

This event has very much left an indelible mark in the lives of Nigerian youths. A wind of productivity is coming and it’s youthful!


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