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Nonye Richy show is the most exciting YouTube channel which started around September 2016. YouTube is a sure platform to earn some real cash. Let’s hear Nonye’s story. “I was still in school then when I started vlogging. I hosted lots of people on my show via interviews as we talked about different topics and I also ran Vox pop segments all on/for The Nonye Richy show, majorly for the YouTube channel which is my base. That’s where I posted all my videos. I wanted to become a YouTube/vlogger.”

So basically the show is an entertainment platform geared towards bringing to the public information, latest trends, relationship sessions, Motivational/Inspirational talks, opinions and ideas on controversial and interesting issues in the society.
There are different series on Nonye Richy YouTube channel

Love- relationship series, motivational series, Vlogs and lifestyle basically. The show is majorly out to inspire, inform and enlighten people, also giving them avenues to speak their minds. That’s the main reason Nonye always try to bring in people to her shows or get opinions from people about a particular topic before she discusses it. The first Nonye Richy show live event was held at Uyo on Feb 14th 2018 with lots of persons in attendance.
This intriguing YouTube channel has 720+ subscribers and still counting…
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