Instagram news source

Instagram features like IGTV and Instagram stories could lead to it as a news source.

About 11% of citizens use Instagram for news, which is behind 12% of Twitter, according to the report’s findings. The report suggests that Instagram will overtake Twitter next year.

Digital trends reached out to Twitter and Instagram for comments. We will update this story when we hear it back.

Instagram news source

Of course, Facebook still holds the top in terms of social media news sources. The report shows that 36% of people use Facebook for their news. YouTube and WhatsApp are in second and third place, with 21% and 16% of users, respectively, using these social media platforms as a news source.

However, people still don’t fully trust social media as a news source. According to the report, only 26% of people said they confidently received their news from social media. In contrast, 59% of respondents rated news organizations as reliable, especially when they had information about coronavirus.


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