Innoson Vehicles Partners With Multichoice Nigeria On Big Brother Naija

Innoson Vehicles is proud to partner with Multichoice Nigeria in the 2019 edition of Big Brother Nigeria.

The winner of this year’s edition of Big Brother Nigeria will be going home with on of the latest luxury SUV’s from Innoson Vehicles called IVM G40.

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Ltd is not just a vehicle manufacturing company, but it is a representation of the image of Nigeria. Innoson Vehicles represents the Nigeria Brand; that Nigeria has come to age to show the world of what it can do.

In this regard, Innoson motors is proud to partner with Multichoice Nigeria by presenting the IVM G40 which is proudly made in Nigeria to the winner of Big Brother Naija 2019 edition.

The IVM G40 is a great off road performance SUV. It has an adventurous and rugged look making look making it one of the most desired SUV in the market for adventurers. Great for comfortable city driving, this SUV will exceed your expectations regarding comfort.

Innoson Vehicles employ international best practices in the production of its vehicles and they can compete very favourably in terms of durability, fuel economy and safety.

Nigerians should therefore keep faith with Innoson Vehicles and embrace it as our pride.

As consumer expectations continue to change and new technologies keep coming out, so will Innoson Vehicles continue to improve on its vehicles.

Cornel Osigwe

Head of Corporate Communications

Innoson Group


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