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How Spelling Bee Makes You A Better Public Speaker

Imo State Spelling bee!

Spelling bee extends beyond figuring how letters or what letters form words. As the contestants are required to spell words while on stage, they actually develop communication and public speaking skills, self-confidence, as well as the ability to thrive under pressure. This makes them become better public speakers.

Spelling bees allow children to compete in a supportive environment. A friendly rivalry is created and students are encouraged to interact with fellow participants and cultivate friendships. It expands their knowledge greately and these helps the students interested in tracing the origin of a word and its etymology.

Inspire The Young International, (the organisers of Abia State Spelling bee since 2015) is a youth entrepreneurial, leadership and educational platform established to help individuals become global players and organizations become the best at what they do.

imo state spelling bee

Founded in 2014 and incorporated with the cooperate affairs commission. They are focused on motivating and remodelling the minds of young ones into becoming self – confident, bold, well articulated and productive members of the society.

Inspire The Young International will be hosting The 2019 Imo State Spelling bee which would of course be the largest gathering of schools and students in Imo State. Both private and public schools can participate but, the competition is highly recommended for children between the ages of 9-13 years.

Register here 👉👉👉 Bit.ly/imostatespellingbee

Registration is ongoing for N2,000 only.

imo state spelling bee

Wondering how to prepare your ward or pupil?

Help him / her practice often
  1. Create random words to be spelt. Make sure to have definitions ready.
  2. Gather the family or a few friends. Watch him / her stand up boldly to spell and give him / her a word to spell.
  3. Make sure the words to be spelt during practice are pronounced correctly.
  4. Don’t stop practicing with new words.

Prizes for the winner(s) include;

*1year ambassadorial contract
*Funded trip to-and-fro Lagos for National spelling bee
*Face of IMO State spelling bee 2020
*Certificate of participation
*Learning materials
and lot more.

imo state spelling bee

Benefits for winning schools:

* Trophy
* Awards
* State Wide recognition

IMO North- 4th October, 2019
IMO West- 11th October, 2019
IMO East- 18th Ocober, 2019t
Grand finale- 31st October, 2019

Time: 10am

For enquiry, call 08068772315, 08030857900, 07039865270

Register here 👉👉👉 Bit.ly/imostatespellingbee

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