How To Prevent People From Adding You to WhatsApp Groups Without Your Approval.

How do you feel when someone adds you to a whatsapp group without gaining your approval first? Especially when the group is of zero interest to you.

Say goodbye to that because WhatsApp has introduced new controls that will prevent friends or strangers from placing you in group chats without getting your permission first.

Previously, with your phone number someone could add you to a group chat without your consent, and the only option you had was to leave the group chat.

However, with this feature enabled, you could automatically prevent people from adding you in the first place.

How to enable WhatsApp Group blocking

First, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone. Then follow these steps:

Open the WhatsApp app
Head to Account options
Select Privacy
Then Groups
Select either Nobody, My Contacts, or Everyone

‘Everyone’ will let anyone add you to a group without asking you for permission.
My Contacts’ will limit group-adding to people in your phone contacts – forcing everyone else to invite you first.
And choosing ‘Nobody’ will require everyone to ask for your permission before you can be added to a group.

If you don’t see the option for Groups settings, you might have to wait a bit as it’s currently being rolled out.


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