In this article we are going to show a simple and best way to prepare a Car wash Solution with available home materials you have never imagine could be of great help and function. It is quite amazing that our recent post on entrepreneur have been of immense help to our subscribers and visitors, because we have been getting good testimonies on people setting up their own small scale business with our Tutorial. Such post in our Entrepreneur page have boosted our website SEO too Car wash is a solution that is use to wash a car and also helps in maintaining the car’s colour. In this article we are going to show a simple and best way how to prepare a Car wash Solution with available home materials. From our daily statistics gotten, most people especially car wash centers makes uses detergent like Omo, Klin,Ariel Etc to wash their cars mostly in Africa countries, these detergents have effects on the car body which these detergent makes these effects may include fading of car colour in no distance time from the use of such detergent. But in our today’s post you are just going to learn a very simple,fast and best way to prepare a car wash solution that will help sustain and maintain your car colour for as much as you want.

Material and Tools needed for the Production of Car wash.

  • A big bucket or balf
  • Provide enough water
  • Turning Stick (A smooth stick that will enable you stir through the mixed solution)
  • Metallic spoon
  • Stainless cup
  • Two other medium size bowl

Materials and Quantity needed

If you look at the list bellow you will discover that the chemicals here have been listed in our subsequent posts on preparation and production,So we might not re-explain most of their functions, we advice you check our entrepreneur page to get most of their functions.And the names of chemicals are the ones you can fine in the market. Note: Any quantity of chemical listed below is because of the quantity of product we want to get, so you can double or reduce yours when producing provided the standard is kept, you will still get the same result and quality.
Antisol or Park-R — 1.5kg Liquid soda ash or light ash –0.1kg Sulphonic acid –1.5litres SLS –0.2kg Texapon –250kg Water –24litres Formalin –30ml Colour –As desired Fragrance –As desired “Please make sure all these chemicals are kept at hand and at desired proportion before starting the next phase. Because we have gotten cases of people forgetting some chemicals when already at the preparation scene which in most cases find it difficult to get the chemicals added to the mixture thereby making a less quality product because if incomplete chemicals”.
Procedure how to prepare a Car wash Solution
  1. Soak the antisol or Park-R overnight and stir till uniformly blended together
  2. The next day, dissolve the soda ash in little quantity of water
  3. Add the soda ash solution to the antisol and continue stirring vigorously
  4. Add thee sulphonic acid, SLS and Texapon one atter another in the listed manner and continue stirring.</li%
After all due process I would have to say congratulation you have just succeeded in the 96% of you Car wash production. Just allow the product to settle and you have you best product ever.I hope this article on how to prepare a Car wash Solution was really helpful? Subscribe and join us on social media to get more of this.


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