how to make money with words

How To Make Money With Words

So I organized a five days training session on blogging and content develoment. I’ll be sharing few excerpts from the training with us on this space.

I’m Desire Kings, I drive brands to the zenith through storytelling. My blogsite, phone, laptop, google docs and of course fingers are part of my working tools.

I’m as excited as you are…
You’ll be learning from this excerpt, how to develop content and market your stories. We’ll begin with an introduction on content development.

Are you ready?

How to make money with words

Creative content yields excellence. So stop trying to be amazing and start being useful with your words!

The trigger behind great content is in having an intrinsic value, so much that people will readily pay for it. Content is the core of a brand. It’s what makes people take action. Visual attracts, content sustains. You need to have this in your mind always.

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Content connects you to your target audience and helps you build relationships generally whether you’re a blogger or not.

So who is a content developer?
A Content Developer is responsible for developing a company’s content strategy, as well as creating its deliverables. Content developers are essentially involved in the creation, development, and editing of content for various activities related to online marketing.

A content developer is a specialist (mostly paid) to rearrange your content to either rank for SEO or to attract more people to your article.

Content can take many forms including blog posts, videos, e-books, photos, infographics, mails and so on.

Content creators engage new and existing customers on behalf of a brand.
It could be your brand or someone else’s brand you work with / for.

But then, understanding the structure of the language you create your content in, is of utmost importance. In as much as their are tools and software to aid content creation, it’s cool you understand how words are formed and their relationship to other words in the same language. So that when you want to play around with words, you play productively.

how to make money with wrds

Humans are emotional and using words to suit their emotions is the fastest means of generating leads
Look at these words

Imagine combining them to advertise a product.
Walking down the isle with a cattish fragrance, just like the catbird, everyone desired my cologne.50% off on first five purchase!
Order for the most captivating perfume.

Read this twice, “walking down the isle …you first thought it was someone’s wedding. “with a cattish fragrance… You’re like, what’s up? Till you landed at 50% off

What the heck is Sales Copy?

Sales copy is basically selling with words to fascinate, engage and persuade an audience to purchase your product.

First you need to attract attention with one big idea, sometimes controversial.

Make it short and straight to the point or break your words into short sentences 👉🏼 paragraphs.

Be specific. Explain what you do or rather tell how your readers will benefit from your product or your service. Or state the use of your product if not self explanatory.

Use storytelling or make your words rhyme to interest your audience. Show expertise with data and persuade cohesively.

how to make money with words
Content Marketing

Creating a content calendar is simar to planning your to-do list

It’s very simple, just figure out your content types and how you want to schedule. Then, decide what channels you want to publish your messages on; facebook, blog, medium, twitter, mails, etc

Set how regular your schedules would be, daily, twice or thrice weekly, once a week, and so on. Select your timing. Find out what time your audience are mostly online and what suits them.


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