Familiar with the saying “children are the leaders of tomorrow”?


Now the actual question is “what methods have been adopted to make this saying effective”?

Well, the above saying is one that has been used over the years. The shocking truth is that these future leaders lack the basic foundation and required trainings that would prepare them for the great future.

The most significant and accessible training ground for our kids is the school environment. In as much as the sole aim of sending a child to school is for him/her to master the act of reading and writing, we shouldn’t be in a hurry to forget that characters are groomed within the walls of the school too.

Our supposed blindness to this has effortlessly given rise to a one-sided education. As a result of this, we have schools that produce academically sound kids whose passions and talents remain untapped!


Genuine concern for our children has driven some educationists in the city of Aba to begin to ask questions and find out what schools are doing in respect to the aforementioned issue. This has led to the discovery of some schools in Aba who have begun taking measures to ensure that the average secondary school child is getting properly balanced education.

One of such schools is Positive Step Christian Academy, which is located at 451 Port-harcourt road, ABA, Abia State. The school whose secondary section is more than a decade old, has devised a means of harnessing the full potentials of her students, after discovering that there are multi talented kids among them.

The principal of the school during a brief interview said “our very first step in letting our students discover their potentials, was creating clubs and launching a program which we called CLUB AWARENESS”. He said the club awareness program came as an answer to the question” How do we introduce our kids to the different clubs that would strike a balance”?

The awareness program was held in the year 2018, after which the students were given the opportunity to become members of any chosen club. For effective training, the students have been advised to select just one club to belong to. Some of the students clubs created include the press club, the health club,the drama club, the debate club, just to mention a few.


The principal was happy to announce that after the invention of the clubs, the school has witnessed a mind blowing change in the performance of her students. Excitedly, the principal said “the clubs are training grounds for future lawyers, health practitioners, communicators, theatre artists, engineers and the rest of them. I make bold to say that our students are ready for the big picture”.

Other schools within Aba have been advised to adopt this method as well as devise other effective means of getting our children ready for the future, as this will provide the much needed solution to the problem of one-sided education.

Leaders are not born; they are bred. In other to prepare for the competitive future, we need to equip our kids. Let’s give our children the privilege to discover their potentials today!

Egwim Precious


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