earn as you learn anywhere in the world

How You Can Earn While You Learn To Build Your Online Business

It takes time to build a viable online business, 95% of marketers simply Run Out Of Money Before They Can Build The Necessary Pillars For A Sustainable Online Business
Start your Internet Marketing Journey with Just $1.00

The 4-Step Formula Took The 5 Major factors responsible for the Success of most Franchises and APPLIED Them To Internet Marketing Business, To Give You The Same 99% Chance at Success that Most Offline Franchises enjoy!

You should watch the recorded Kickoff Web class in the member’s area to properly put everything in perspective for you.

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It’s not rocket science why 95% of internet marketers

earn as you learn anywhere in the world
netpreneur franchise

fail, burn out and drop out before they hit the money trail. Anyhow you look at it, the high failure rate comes down to 4 major things that most new or struggling internet marketers suffer from:

• Lack quality products with a proven market demand they can use to start making money immediately even as they learn the internet business
• They do not have ready to go marketing tools and resources and it costs a lot of money and time to get them done
• The Technology for achieving sustainable Success has a steep learning curve many never get to learn before they run out of money.
• Most have no marketing strategy or proven system to make sustainable income online. They simply try to wing if from day to day until they burn out

1. What Is the NFS “$3,000 IN 30 DAYS KICKOFF CHALLENGE”?

The Kickoff Challenge is on a 30-day Execution Campaign aimed at help you maximize the benefits of the Netpreneur Franchise License you just subscribed to. The Challenge is a 30-Day Promotion and Training Campaign in which ALL Franchise Licensees are expected to take a series of daily promotional actions, as well as go through daily training over a period of 30 days.

2. Objectives of the NFS 30-DAY KICKOFF CHALLENGE

The major goals of the 30-day Kickoff Challenge are to help you take CONSISTENT AND SPECIFIC ACTIONS over a 30-day period to achieve the following objectives:
a. To Help YOU make your first income online with the NFS Package.
The target for the kickoff challenge is $3,000 income in 30 Days. Whether you achieve this target or not or even exceed it, is going to be totally dependent on your hustle and commitment to take daily actions.

b. To train and encourage members to equip themselves to become Professional Netpreneurs by going through the 7 Pillars to 6 Figures training over that 30 days

3. Modus of the 30-Day Kickoff Campaign Page

a. There will be Live Classes 2 Times A Week (Mondays and Wednesdays) during the 30-day Challenge period for us to go over the exercises for the week and implantation training on the 7 Pillars Training.

b. Every Day for next 30 days, each Franchisee will be given a DAILY Set of marketing activities to carry out to market their franchise business for that day and to keep growing their internet business

c. There will be DAILY ACTION STEPS posted in the group DAILY. Be sure to check for each day’s activities and EXECUTVE ALL OF IT ASAP. Most will not take you up to 2 hours a day to do… BUT DO IT!

d. There will be 24/7 Support and Q AND A Sessions ongoing in the Facebook Group. Please post your questions or challenges so we can help you succeed.

e. There is a CONTEST PRIZE OF $1,000 for the 30-DAY Challenge to be shared among the Top 10 income earners during the campaign [Members would be encouraged to post screenshots of sales as they are made daily though we would also have records in the back office)

That’s it! I am convinced that if you can set aside just 2 hours a day over the next 30 days to execute the KICKOFF CHALLENGE, you will achieve immediate success with this program.

Also, by taking part in the Challenge, you would grow so much within 1st 30days in a way that would propel you to ultimate long term success online Of course, as with anything in life; you will only be able to get from this exercise what you put into it.

Anyone can lead a horse to the water, but very few can make them drink from it I look forward to very impactful 30-days with you!

Most Sincerely, Dr Ope Banwo Founder, Netpreneur Franchise Systems

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