Video calling options have been incorporated into a number of platforms over recent years. The time when Skype was the first app anyone thought of when they felt the need to see and talk to someone has passed. The Microsoft-owned company has a new feature on its platform that brings your face into focus by blurring the background. The feature is dubbed the AI background blur tool and is very useful if you are engaged in a professional meeting with clients and remote team members.

You can the blur background option when you are on a video call with someone.

1) Open Skype

2) Start a video chat with any of your available contacts.

3) Right click on the camera feed in order to get a list of options.

4) Click on the option called ‘Blur My Background.’

Alternate option:

1) Open Skype

2) Go to the call screen

3) Click on the gear icon that is available at the top-right corner of your call screen

4) Click on the Audio & Video Settings Menu.

5) The option to blur the background will be available here.

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