a step by step guide

How to achieve growth in your career

Dear Young Professional,

Please come, take a seat and have this drink. Now let’s look at the trajectory of your career.

The line is straight & not moving up. We need to change that.

To achieve growth, you must do things differently.

Now finish your drink while we draw a plan.

1. Go Beyond Paper

Your manager gave you a Job Description (JD) and that has been your bible? That has been your guide?

That’s great, but abiding solely by it won’t help.

You need to:

– Go beyond that JD
– Be solution oriented on every task around you.

Don’t rush the drink…

How to achieve growth in your career

2. Level Up Your Qualification

When you got your job, you had a degree. But afterwards you’ve relaxed.

That is another reason that line isn’t moving.

– Learn! Learn! Learn new skills as related to your field.
– Get a certification if you can’t further your education.

3. Find A Career Guide

You see that line we are trying to push up? Many have pivoted way higher than that before now. Why am I saying this?

A wise man once said, ‘He who finds a mentor finds a leader who can guide their path’.

Find a mentor in your field & stop spilling drink

How to achieve growth in your career

4. Document Achievements

When you go above & beyond to achieve something great outside your JD, write it down & save it in the bank.

Compile all of them, pull out the sack on the day of your Performance Appraisal & give detailed analytical breakdown of how you have added value.

5. Ask For More.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Have you thought of adding more responsibilities to what you presently do?

Asides from it being a psychological approach to leaders, it also shows that this egg is ready to hatch. The child is ready for grow. The line ready to move.

6. Get A Mentor (Within or Outside Your Organization)

Trick with mentorship is that an experienced mentor will help identify roadblocks on your way.

Like I will always say, whatever senior role or promotion you are looking for, someone has done it before.

Don’t get me wrong. Some have successfully achieved without mentors and that is fantastic, but many have done so even quicker with mentors.

A mentors can be at your

– place of work (in or outside your dpt),
– local professional association.
– ex senior colleague from school

Over the years, my mentors have pushed me out of my comfort zone so that I make the most of opportunities around me by increasing my capacity to the fullest in whatever role I find myself.

Try it. Have one today.

How to achieve growth in your career

7. Make your growth intentions known.

One important thing is you need to be open about your growth intentions.

Have an open & honest conversation with your manager, supervisor or boss about your performance, path, strengths and aspirations in the org.

8. Finally, document everything.

On Twitter, it is called receipts.

Have receipts for:

– Things you work on.
– Things you achieved.
– How you solved a critical project issue for another team member in another department.

Document it all b’cos on judgement day you’ll show it.

Documenting in a very high-level formal way helps to convey your message of continuously adding value within the org as a whole.

To summarize, it is important that you demonstrate you’re prepared for a higher level before you ask to move up.

Tunde Omotoye


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