Be it parent, employer, or significant other, it is possible for a person to
listen to other’s phone calls.
Usually, their reason for doing this is motivated by fear of security, fear of being cheated in a relationship and sometimes fear of betrayer in business.

In this article, we discussed all you need to know on how to listen to other’s phone calls from your own smart phone.

How can I listen to other’s phone calls and how does it works?

The advancement of technology has brought about many things including eavesdropping on phone calls such as using spy applications to monitor movements and calls. These free or most times paid apps helps in this duty.

What’s New on How to listen to others phone call?

In most cases, this spy applications are being paid for so in this article I will disclose a simple code you will dial from your device.

Using Application on how to listen to others phone calls.

Surveillance applications are very easy to use because their installation processes are very easy and self explanatory and average person can make a perfect installation in not less than 3 minutes.

Find the Spy application you would like to use

Follow the application installation processes and policy terms

Create your personal profile with a valid email and mobile number if required

Start monitoring a cell phone calls

Spy applications can monitor more than just calls from the victim phone. There can also monitor Social Media Messages, Text Messages, visited URL and history, GPS Location and even photos and video.

How does all this work?

When installing this spy applications in order to listen to others phone calls, sometimes it is required to hold the target phone and this happens once during the installation process and after the installation process the application works in the background of the victim phone (stealth form) making it impossible for the victim to know someone is monitoring his/her gadget activities.

Who can Use This?

Law enforcement agencies may use the effort to uncover evidence. It’s common for criminals to say something incriminating over the phone when they don’t believe anyone’s listening to their conversations. For law officials to legally listen to phone calls, they usually need a wiretap order.

Using Dial Code:

This is a very shocking phone function I was very amazed on the first time I tested it with my grandma’s phone. Now if you want to listen to phone calls of any body and you don’t want to use the spy applications process.

how to listen to other’s phone calls

Steps to listen to others phone call from your cell phone using dial code:

  1. Get the targeted phone.
  2. Dial *401*Your mobile number (don’t impute the # sign) send
  3. Go to dial Calls and Delete the dialed code.

Now all the targeted phone calls will be displaying on your screen, but note that you will not be able to view targeted phone messages and social media details as this code is only for calls.

Please NOTE:
The above procedure may be against human privacy right in some countries and therefore might need a legal backup.


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