Teens Time Exchange, Question and Answer Session with Aunty Chi Chi

Housemates… Does that ring a bell?

What will you do first if given the opportunity to rule Nigeria in a day?

See the housemates responses…

In Nigeria, we have resources that will yield maximum revenue to the country. These resources are endowed in form of talents in our young ones. If I ever have the opportunity of becoming Nigeria’s Head of State, we will establish an agency in charge of young talent in Nigeria as well as empowering teenagers positively. – Robert (Teenex Housemate)

Most times we do more of importation than exportation. Refining Nigeria made goods and exporting goods and services that balance the equilibrium of exports and import, likewise revenues and investments is what my government will do. – Harmony (Teenex Housemate)


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Encouragement of government officials, those in top positions rather than
criticizing them. –Justice (Teenex Housemate)

Gathering talented children and empowering them positively. – Faith
Investing in the unity of the country and educational section of skills
acquisition. – Alex (Teenex Housemate)

Executing projects based on priority with focus on the educational sector and
road construction. – Chukwudi (Teenex Housemate)

Provide a special adviser on teenage affairs bringing teenagers to reality. –
Victor (Teenex Housemate)


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Focus on improving the health sector – Janet (Teenex Housemate)
Focus on providing better medical facilities – Lina (Teenex Housemate)

Eradicating poverty through agriculture, technology and education – Chidera (Teenex Housemate)
Talents and skills empowerment – Mercy (Teenex Housemate)
Productive change on environment – Victory (Teenex Housemate)
Educational advancement in schools – Patricia (Teenex Housemate)

Major focus on youths with provision of skills acquisition – Glory (Teenex Housemate)
Focus on girl child – Glory Itang (Teenex Housemate)
Focus on power sector – Chinenye (Teenex Housemate)


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Focus on SMEs, electricity, roads, sustaining industries – Chidinma (Teenex Housemate)
Creating problem solving platforms – Joshua (Teenex Housemate)
Focusing on improving industries – Anita (Teenex Housemate)

Providing infrastructure that would help utilize the works, power and labour
ideas – Seyi (Teenex Housemate)
Employment creation – Ayo Bami (Teenex Housemate)

Changing the view of tribal dissemination – Martha (Teenex Housemate)
Eradicating poverty – Wisdom (Teenex Housemate)
Youth advocacy – Emmanuella (Teenex Housemate)

Investing in families – Judith (Teenex Housemate)
Security Improvement – Yekinni (Teenex Housemate)

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