Highest Private Employer Of Labour In South East

Wondering who’s the highest private employer of labour in South East? We’ve got your answer!

Unemployment has been Nigeria’s aching challenge for years, but good gracious, some icons in the private sector thought it wise to generate solutions through job creations and massive employment of labour.

There are quite a number of patriotic individuals solving this problem silently with all shades of humility, Emma Okorie is one of such individuals. His 70th birthday celebration was what brought to the knowledge of all, the massive employment opportunities his ministry has created.

highest employer of labour

The birthday celebration was a spontaneous effusion of affection by dotting lieutenants of a general. Emma Okorie, indefatigable president of the beehive churhc, The Living Word Ministries stepped out of the Apostolic Foundation headquarters of the ministry where he had just conducted the early morning evangelistic fellowship – Booster prayers.

He stepped into his white sequoia and his driver nosed into the premises of the Apostolic Lounge, the adminmistrative office of Living Word Ministries. The entire staff as well as his wife, the administrator, Chi Emma Okorie, were already at the president’s expansive office awaiting his arrival. The air wax with lighted expectation.

highest employer of labour


Here’s the real gist!

Emma Okorie is a precious gift to this generation, he has tremendously impacted the lives of people in South East. The living word ministries under him is the largest private owned employer of labour in South East with over 4000 employees in the various arms of the ministry.

He rises at dawn daily with amazing innovative visions on how to impact lives and develop the society.

highest employer of labour

He has built thirty Nursery, Primary ands Secondary schools in various cities of Nigeria, Lome, Togo and a university; Rhema University in Aba, Abia State. He also has a humanitarian body; Living Word Organization for Care of the Needy (LIWOCARE), hospitals – Living Word Hospitals, printing press and countless other arms.

He has over eighty five churches and other para church group that also employ staff with monthly remuneration.

“One interesting thing about working with living word is that they never owe” – Testimony from one of living word staff.

Emma Okorie is invariably the highest private employer of labour in the East of the Niger.


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