Google WomenWill births Next Generation Leaders in Tech and Business

Business just got a lot easier with technology providing swifter ways of solving old problems.

Have you always desired expertise in maximizing social media for business, developing other careers in tech, business start-up and growth or blogging and content creation?

Google Womenwill just answered your prayers with a grand opportunity to learn and network with other tech enthusiasts as well as business professionals creating innovative solutions.

When women have equal access to information and opportunity, anything is possible.

While gender gap persists, women are unable to fulfill their human potential. Women Will is a Google initiative that focuses on digital programs for economic empowerment for women across the world.

Women with access to economic opportunity disproportionately benefit their families, their communities, their countries. Whether via research, access or leadership, Women Will addresses the gaps in information and empowerment to help where women are being excluded. Digital is their tool for success, and our instrument for making the world more equal — one woman at a time.

During the International Women’s Day, Womenwill celebrated women entrepreneurs, founders, and leaders who are growing their businesses and supporting their communities around the world.

We created a way for them to designate their businesses as women-led on Google products, and we’re helping them build skills to grow and succeed through Womenwill training and meetups. We’re also sharing the remarkable stories of their achievements, so that other aspiring business owners might follow in their footsteps.

Bring visibility to women-led businesses on Google Maps and Search.

We’ve just launched a new “women-led” attribute that merchants can add to their Google My Business listings on Maps and Search, making it easier for them to tell customers that a business is proudly owned, led, or founded by women.

Help women entrepreneurs, founders, and leaders build skills to grow and succeed.

In collaboration with business groups across the globe, we’re helping women build skills, get inspired, and connect with each other. Our skill-building training, workshops, and online platforms (Primer app) help women make the most of technology for their business success, whether it’s building a brand, reaching more customers online, or becoming a more effective leader. We continue to offer more resources on different topics; our newest Primer lessons cover networking and communications.

We’re also partnering with Google Business Groups to offer workshops in 17 countries on International Women’s Day. These meet-ups will give small business owners an opportunity to learn about digital tools that can help them grow their businesses.

Share the inspiring stories of women business owners.

We are inspired by many stories of women creating positive changes in their lives, businesses and communities through the use of technology.

Womenwill is a google initiative that addresses the gaps in information and empowerment to help where women are being excluded and provide access to economic opportunity.

Google Womenwill Aba presents Next Generation Leaders in Business and Tech, scheduled for Saturday 22nd June, 2019 at Innovation Growth Hub, 62 Asa road (Ochiriozuo House), 5th floor, at exactly 10am.

During the event you’ll have the opportunity of learning different topics, including:

  • Social media for business
  • Careers in tech
  • Business start-up and growth
  • Blogging and content creation
  • Freebies (Free food and Google Branded Gifts for everyone)

Limited seats available!
Register now for free@


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