Google Africa Launches Google Digital Skills In Aba

Aba has always been a spot light for thriving businesses, so merging with Google Digital skills is a bomb!

It’s never been easier, cheaper or more beneficial for your business to get online. Don’t be intimidated by the breadth of opportunities in the digital space. You too can get on the spot light.

Today, 27th of June, 2019 at exactly 10am, market men and women, young business people and SMEs in Aba gathered at Eldorado, Umungasi Aba learning the rudiments of google my business and many more.

Why Africa?

Google is committed to training Africans and having their businesses visible online on the google map at no cost, to grow with the new skills and amazing opportunities available.

The Google Training partner from Lagos explicated properly the journey of building digital communities. Digital communities have a host of benefits for your business and these communities are complementary to your business structure, not a replacement of any service you may provide.

Building a digital community gives you more opportunities to connect with your audience(s) in a way that’s natural and personal. Through targeted community interactions, you’ll be able to generate excitement, launch products, achieve success and announce events without all the stress that sometimes comes with the traditional ways of doing things.

In building your digital community, you’d need to create an editorial approach, involve volunteers in the process, facilitate your community members, make their time with you easy, convenient, informative, and engaging, create a long term plan of what you will do with your digital community, and how you will handle it as time moves on.

Then recognise and reward individuals who display or show admirable deeds and behaviours within the community concerning your business.

The Essence of Building a Digital Community

Building a digital community is necessary for; 

  • improved products and services
  • easy measurement of customer satisfaction
  • valuable insights to improve customer experience
  • gains in customer retention
  • better customer advocacy.

Now Google Map…

Google Maps has been around for a while, but too many people are unaware of the full extent of the services that the service can afford. Today the Google team revealed the many benefits of having your business on the google map.

Google maps encompasses the whole world. So imagine your business visible to anyone anywhere. That sounds great right? Yeah!

The Google Aba team trainers would be out into the city enlisting businesses on the google map for free. Absolutely any kind of enterprise!

Is your business the next big thing on google map?

Share your thoughts on this awesome development. Drop your comments…



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