Get Drunk With Wine!

Mr. Great and G-Factor Entertainment hosts a City Worshippers Convergence, the fist of its Kind with the theme: Wine.

‘WINE’ scripturally depicts the Spirit of God, it expresses the unexplainable experience one can get while they encounter the Spirit.

Mr. Great writes,
” In my walk with the Spirit, I’ve seen a depth in Him that can’t be filled ,
I’ve seen the more we know him is the more we want to know him. I’ve seen hunger that can’t be satisfied. I’ve seen you can go drunk and not go wrong. I’ve seen wine, the drink of the spirit. If you’re as thirsty as I am for the move of God in our time, Please come aboard”


Is not a choir
Not a fellowship
Not a crew
Its a big family involved in training, building and deploying Music Ministers.
It has in it, everything you’d love in music, a studio, record label, organisation, crew, etc.

It has hosted, Extreme Voice Aba, currently Hosting Wine, and soon cutting across campuses. In full, God – Factor (G-Factor) is the move of God in our time.

Date: 19th May, 2019

Location: Crystal Park Hotel, Port Harcourt road.
Time: 3pm.


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