The Professor’s €2.4Billion Recruitment Strategy muse from A. 👌

In the popular TV series “The Money Heist”

The professor had this crazy idea of…

Breaking into the Royal Mint of Spain…

Printing up to 2.4billion euros of unmarked bills…

And escaping without getting caught.

To make it happen, he needed 2 things.

A Bloody good plan

A team of ruthless players capable of following instructions down to the tiniest detail.

Once he had his plan figured out (it took him years)…

The professor set out to gather his team of rebels.


Here’s where it gets really interesting:

If you’re going persuade people to break into The royal mint of Spain and steal 2.4billion euros,

You had better have a bloody good recruitment plan.

Here’s what the professor said to Tokyo (played by Úrsula Corberó) in the opening scene of The Money Heist:

“…I’m looking for people, who don’t have much to lose, how does stealing 2.4 billion euros sound to you?…”


That’s all Tokyo needed to hear to say she was in.

And so were the other 7 (Berlin, Nairobi, Moscow, Denver, Rio, Helsinki and Oslo…),

But that was only the first piece of the recruitment puzzle…

Here’s a little marketing insight (Four things) to explain it all:


A big idea (Stealing 2.4billion euros)


An emotionally compelling promise (You’ll be part of the group that pulled off the greatest money heist in history and as such, you’ll never again have to worry about money)

But of course,

It is not enough to have a BIG idea and an emotionally compelling promise..

You need to assure people you have a bloody good plan.


Unique mechanism (The Professor’s ingenious plan: Here’s how we’re going to pull this off, step by step)

And four:

A BOLD Guarantee (No matter what happens, I’ve got you covered)

Keep these things in mind the next time you try to sell an idea to anyone.

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