Facebook care reaction

Facebook is spreading it’s like reactions with a “care” reaction to help people show support. Facebook has said that they hope the reaction which shows a heart, would help people feel more “connected” during the pandemic.

The “care” reaction is due to launch on the Facebook app and website worldwide on Monday, and can be accessed with button-like reactions.

Facebook care reaction

A different care reaction to is coming to Facebook Messenger: A beating heart. Messenger already has a non-animated heart reaction. However, it will allow users to change a new option by tapping and holding the default heart reaction.

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These new add-ons are a small feature compared to the much larger problems that Facebook is currently facing. Yesterday, the tech giant announced it would start adding anti-misinformation messages to news people sharing articles containing false information on COVID-19.

Facebook care reaction

Because of the pandemic, Facebook has seen widespread use worldwide because many people stay indoors and practice social distance. Despite rising usage of Facebook, the company said in late March that it was financially negatively affected by declining digital ad spend.


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