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If this gets you excited, you must first learn the fundamentals of Facebook advertising. Here are must-know essentials for running successful Facebook ads:

1. Have a goal in mind

In order to run successful Facebook ads, you must first answer this question: what do you want your ads to do?

Do you want more followers? More sales? More engagement? No matter what your goal is, Facebook has a marketing objective for you!

The first page you see when to start to set up a Facebook ad is this:

successful Facebook Ads

These are the different marketing objectives you can choose from. They each correspond to different end goals. If you want more people to click on your website, you’ll run a traffic campaign. Likewise, if you want to generate sales, you’ll run a conversion campaign.

Some objectives contain sub-objectives. For example, when you click on the engagement objective, here’s what you’ll see next:

facebook ads engagement

There are three different types of engagement campaigns. The one you choose will depend on your overarching goal. If you want more followers, run a page like ad. If you want more likes, comments, and shares on your posts, run a post engagement as. If you want more people to go to an event you’re promoting, run an event response ad.

Even if you have a specific goal in mind, Facebook likely has an objective perfect for you. You can run Facebook ads that optimize for everything from conference registrations to app downloads!

Having a particular goal in mind will help you determine the success of your ads.

2. Target your audience

Facebook has 1.28 billion daily users who you could be converting into customers! Everyone is on Facebook, whether they’re a CEO or a high-schooler. So no matter who your ideal audience is, they’re on Facebook!

That being said, merely posting on Facebook won’t be enough to convert users into customers


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