• Equiping Young Technologists has been the core of Clintonel Innovation Center. Ever heard of the solar powered Maker space and hardware manufacturing and business incubator, that provides training and equipment for young people to create different products?

I could tell that you’d guess wrong if asked to you guess where this world of productivity can be found. However, to catch this amazing fact, stay on to this post.

Often times, at the sound of successful business enterprises, especially ones that have to do with technology, a few number of places occur to mind with a significant level of assurance. But, we have seen quite a number firms spring forth from the least of expected places yet they surprised the world with their level of productivities.

In same light, The city of Aba, unbelievably houses Clintonel Innovation Center, the home of creativity where every young person can be an inventor, creating his dream products. It was founded out of the passion to do more, by Tochukwu Clinton Chukwueke, an engineer, industrialist, inventor and a change agent.

Clintonel Technology is a company that manufactures, develops and commercializes local inventions. I bet you didn’t think of this!

Clintonel Innovation Centre

Clintonel Innovation Center on the other hand is its youth development arm, set out to equip youths with skills for technological development, innovation, career excellence and job creation.

Clintonel Innovation Center (CIC), houses a giant Gigabot GB3 3D printer and products from this hardware photocopier are evidence of its operating capacity.

The vision of Clintonel Innovation Center and Clintonel Technology is to build capacity in Nigeria for technology development and manufacturing, to raise a new generation of scientists, investors, technology developers that will enhance technological innovation for collective prosperity.

So are you a young person in Aba or its environs, identify with Clintonel Technology today and start living out your dreams.

Rose Uduma


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