How To Achieve Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Successfully

Entrepreneurship goals sound like – “I want to change/impact the world”, that dream and project may take a whole lifetime.

One major adjective in the entrepreneur’s dictionary is BIG. Achieving your entrepreneurial dream is possible!

I’d show you how in these shades of 21st century enterprising.

14. You must have a big heart. Entrepreneurs don’t have limiting points

Big dreams!
An entrepreneur doesn’t dream small. In entrepreneurship, small dreams are as good as no dreams at all.

But school said something different:
“Dream, but not too big. Just big enough to fare well and take care of your family. Be normal, be realistic, keep it at average. 1+1 is 2. Anything else is wrong.

If you keep writing the sum of 1+1 as any thing other than two. We’ll score you badly, throw you out of school and you end up as nobody.

“Leave the ideal. Control your wild imagination. Don’t try to find out if 1+1 can produce another sum apart from the one we told you.”

In fact, I don’t wanna go there. Let me not drift far into our traditional education system.
Let’s stay focused.

As an entrepreneur, you should be ambitious (the desire to become more). Greed is different (the obsession to acquire more). It is in becoming more that people give back to humanity.


Like the story of Jesus…
It’s a waste to spend my entire life helping my father knock up some cool stools for people. I can actually be more. Let me be a teacher and help people understand more about life.

What if I also become a preacher and help people learn the spirituality of life. I can as well be a leader and guide people towards fulfilling their purpose in life. I can be a doctor and heal people of their physical ailments and disabilities.

I can achieve more global impact if I become a revolutionist and question all the wicked laws and unethical norms.

But school said to us:
“You can only be in art or in science.” (And it gave people like me so much trouble to choose) But that’s just the beginning.

Enter the tertiary level and the story goes further:
“You can’t be a doctor and an engineer. Choose one.
A doctor? The truth is: we really can’t make you be a doctor or any of these professions and vocations. But we will help you have a lot of certificates.”

After you’ve acquired the first degree certificate…
‘If you want to have more money, come and have more certificates.”

And you go on spiralling downwards into the labyrinthine pit of “HAVING”. Without becoming.

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15. “Two is company…” the English man said.

An enterprise is a company. ‘Two’ is metaphorical here. Whatever you do, try to complement. Complement everything. Make things even, don’t keep them odd.

There is need for balance in order to stay stable. But don’t go beyond that. Excesses stagnate and stall progress.


16. You need to learn the principles of marketing. It is always successful marketing that leads to great sales.

In the centuries before now, marketing was all about advertising. Successful marketing was in your ability to capture the attention of the mass market. Now things has changed. With the vestige of choices before us, it is now impossible to capture our attention all at the same time.

The market is saturated. You can’t buy the market anymore and force products on them. Marketing has gone deeper. It is now about story telling. Story telling gives you a way to captivate the interest of a particular group of people.

But Digital Marketing came…
It provided a shortcut. A smart way to advertise to a targeted mass market. The sweet thing is that it came easy and cheap.

But there’s a complication. And we most often don’t seem to see it.

… a man came to an auditorium and discovered multitudes of people inside it. He got excited. “I’ll pitch my idea, motion, cause, product, … and will get them to buy it,” he said to himself.

But it didn’t occur to him that 80% of people there, like him, are on the stage as speakers while only 20% are seated as audience. The audience are seated not because they came to hear or to see the man or any of the speakers.

They have come probably because they are bored, because their friends are there, or because they don’t have anything else to do at the moment. The probability is always one that they listened to any of the speakers; there’s no guarantee it’s the man.

I don’t have any problem with the audience. They are only wasting their time. It doesn’t seem like their time is precious to them, anyway. “The wasting of the time” is even part of their fun.

But the man… He is wasting his time, his energy, money and so much effort. And he may not know.

“Painless and quick are rarely associated with successful,” Seth Godin.

Whenever you chose to run your usual social media marketing, remember this man. There’s little time for you to do things that bring results whether compounded or directly. You shouldn’t waste them doing things that don’t.


17. Every enterprise starts off as a baby

But before that, it was only an idea, an ovum. Someone had to provide the sperm for fertilisation. It might be the developer that designed the software, the colleague that helped out in the initial funding, the guy that structured it into a business system, …

But these are not strictly father roles. They are rather roles fathers might play.
In the case of Facebook, Mark was the mother that had the idea and wrote the code while his friend Eduardo Saverin was the father that provided the initial funding.

When mentors and trainers demand that you acquire a co-founder, it is not because they don’t trust your capabilities and potentials.

When investors insist that you find a co-founder, it is not because they want you to share their money with your friends/family and help in the global eradication of poverty.

It is because what you have is still an ovum, if you don’t get a co-founder, it will soon melt to blood and be flushed out.

You can pay a random guy to fertilise your egg. However, investors need you to have a father for your child. Not sperm-donors. ‘Single-motherhood’ might be cool to you. But not to them.

In the field of enterprising, polyandry is allowed. If you can handle it.
Jack Ma of China had about eighteen of them. Don’t be surprised by the number of children he ended up with – Alibaba, Aliexpress, WeChat, Tmall, etc.

Nnanor Anthony

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